Accounting Essentials

Account string instructions  A plain-language guide to using account strings, which are necessary for recording expenses and revenue such as filling out expense reimbursement requests, charging an invoice to a department budget, etc. 

Frequently used Account codes  A list of the most common account codes, i.e., the "line item" codes for things like Supplies, Airfare, Conference/Seminar Fees, etc. 

NEW! Financial reports in Argos. Financial reports and budget reports for departments, grant projects, faculty startup and professional development funds, and other special funds. 

Argos Financial Reports User Guide This is an illustrated, detailed guide to running and reviewing financial reports, including tips on using Excel to organize and analyze your data.


Accounting Adjustments aka Journal Entries

Journal Entry Request template.xlsx  This is the form you'll need to complete to request an accounting adjustment.

Accounting Adjustment Instructions

A guide for non-Finance employees on how to request that an expense or revenue be moved to a different account string. Did something get coded incorrectly, or a decision was made to move an expense or revenue item to a different department budget, to/from a restricted fund, or add an activity code? These instructions will guide you through the process

Student Account Charge Form

For staff and faculty that would like to request student fees or other charges be added to a student account, please use the form below to submit the request.  

Student account charge form_1