IRS Data Retrieval Tool

The FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval transfers your information from the IRS database into your FAFSA.

To use the FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval, watch the video below and/or follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. Enter the student's information and click on the Next button.
  4. Click on the Make FAFSA Corrections link.
  5. Click on the Financial Information section of the FAFSA and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Make sure that the tax return filing status is "Already completed."
  7. Answer the questions regarding the IRS income tax return:
    • Did you file an amended tax return?
    • Did you file a foreign tax return?
  8. If you answer "No" to the questions above, you will be presented with the option to transfer your information from the IRS into your FAFSA.
  9. Click on the LINK TO IRS button (you will be redirected to the IRS website).
  10. Enter the requested information on the IRS website and click Submit. If the IRS is able to validate your identification, the IRS tax information will display. 
  11. Click on the Transfer My Tax Information into the FAFSA checkbox and then click on the Transfer Now button.
  12. If the student filed a tax return, you will need to repeat steps 6-11.
  13. Continue to the Sign & Submit section of the FAFSA. Be sure to Sign & Submit your FAFSA!

The video below was produced by the UC Santa Barbara Financial Aid Office and walks you through the FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval steps.

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