Diversity and Inclusion Champion Awards

D&I Awards 2017

Each year, we recognize individuals who have demonstrated exemplary achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Promoting intergroup, cross cultural understanding
  • Fostering the academic and personal success of groups that have been underserved and underrepresented in higher education 
  • Creating a campus climate that encourages and supports the expression of diverse perspectives and ways of being
  • Helping to prevent harassment, bullying and illegal discrimination
  • Contributing to efforts that foster greater diversity among Lawrence students, faculty and staff

2020 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Winners. These impressive individuals have used their many talents, resources, influence and privilege to help make Lawrence University more inclusive. While excelling in their individual roles of faculty, student, staff or community leader they have also helped our campus become a more diverse and equitable university that supports all associated with the institution reach their unique potential. Whether through service, activism or teaching they have all helped to make Lawrence a better place in which to work and learn. Therefore, it is with deep gratitude that I present to you this year’s award recipients.

Student Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Awa Badiane ‘21
Major in Government

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Student Organization Diversity & Inclusion Champion
LUNA (Lawrence University Native American Organization)
The LUNA leadership team: Front left: Sassy Portnow ’21 (Theater Arts focused in Design with minors in Japanese and Art History), Front Center: Taneya Garcia ’22 (Anthropology major, Ethnic Studies minor), Far right: Shelby Siebers ’20 (Ethnic Studies/Psychology major), Back center: Jessenia Zaleya ’20 (Anthropology/Ethnic Studies) 

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Staff Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Gaelyn Rose
Associate Director of Admissions Athletics Liaison

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Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Jesus G. Smith
Ethnic Studies
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies

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Community Partner Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Former Mayor of Appleton
Tim Hanna

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