Report from Financial Services

As we celebrate the launch of the Be the Light! Campaign, we continue to celebrate a growing endowment. At $339 million, the Lawrence endowment allows more need-based scholarships than ever before and continues to support endowed faculty positions, our programs and our physical plant. Each dollar that comes from the endowment helps us to increase the accessibility and quality of the Lawrence experience without added financial burden to students and their families.

We continue to steward our resources carefully, with improvements like Brokaw Central, our new one-stop shop for student financial and registration services, and continued work to update learning and living spaces throughout campus. As we move Lawrence forward, colleagues across campus are also working to streamline operations and reduce expenses to sustain our trend of modest increases in comprehensive fee.

The generosity of the Lawrence community has a profound impact on our students every day. Thank you!

—Christopher Lee,
Vice President for Finance and Administration



Pie chart of FY18 assets


Investments $339,598,433 (70.2%)
Property & equipment $109,289,555 (22.5%)
Pledges receivable

$19,450,169   (4%)

Cash $7,843,784  (1.6%)
Student loans receivable $5,232,380     (1%)
Other receivables $684,608     (.14%)
Other assets $1,963,812    (.4%)
Total $484,062,741

Liabilities and net assets

Pie chart of 2018 assets and liabilities

Net assets $421,370,691 (87.04%)
Long-term debt $41,673,312 (8.6%)
Accrued liabilities $7,755,610 (1.6%)
Asset retirement obligations $3,569,758 (.74%)
Post-retirement obligations $3,053,736 (.63%)
Gift annuities payable $2,254,880 (.47%)
U.S. gov't grants refundable $1,698,776 (8.6%)
Deferred income/due to $1,310,751 (.27%)
Accounts payable $1,375,227 (.28%)
Total $484,062,741

Operating Revenues

Pie chart of operating revenues 2018


Net student revenues $40,585,117 (65%)
Endowment spendable allocation $15,910,210 (25%)
Contribution revenues $2,908,149 (5%)
Other revenues $3,107,087 (5%)
Total $62,510,563

Operating expenses

Pie Chart: Academic and Student Services 50%, Administration Physical Plant and Fundraising 31%, Auxiliary Enterprises 7% and Depreciation and Interest on Debt 12%

Academic and student services $35,620,731 (50%)
Administration, physical plant and fundraising $21,959,993 (31%)
Depreciation and interest on debt $8,651,631 (12%)
Auxiliary enterprises (includes Academy of Music and Björklunden) $4,884,287 (7%)
Total $71,116,642