parents annual report“I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of paying it forward, which encourages generous support for the next generation of Lawrence students. But I also believe in another principle: to pay it back. My Lawrence experience was a defining moment in my life. The person I was when I first entered Lawrence’s hallowed halls was far different than the person I had become four years later. I owe a debt of gratitude to the institution, its leadership, the incredible professors, the coaches and everyone who provided me with an educational setting and experience that nourished my mind and fed my soul. Besides preparing me well for a career of my choosing, this educational experience broadened my horizons and sharpened my senses to the world around me. It ignited my political activism, deepened my understanding of significant social issues, kindled my appreciation of the arts, and overall prepared me for a fuller life.

"It never occurred to me that my daughters might follow in my footsteps and elect to pursue their education at Lawrence. I take great pride in saying that both my daughters, Serene ’06 and Leila ’08, chose Lawrence from among many great options. It was reassuring to know that by selecting Lawrence, they would be well-prepared for any profession, and more importantly, they would be immersed in the same liberal arts education that shaped my life. For all of these reasons, I am deeply grateful and so I try my best to pay it back.” 

– Ned Sahar ’72 P’06 ’08 and Raida Sahar P’06 ’08

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