2018 Annual Report

Dear Lawrentians,

Mark Burstein stands in Warch Campus Center

As we embark on the public phase of our historic Be the Light! Campaign, I am deeply grateful for the extraordinary investment in our students’ futures we have received to date. Your support is helping to transform Lawrence so that we can continue to transform the lives of Lawrentians for generations to come. 

Together, we raised over $17.5 million, including more than $3.8 million in support of the Lawrence Fund, last fiscal year. Thanks to both generosity and careful stewardship, Lawrence’s endowment now stands at $339 million. This means we can offer essential support to our students, faculty and staff as Lawrence charts our course for the future.

Nowhere is the transformative power of our community’s generosity more apparent than in the continued commitment to the Full Speed to Full Need campaign, which has been supported by more than 1,000 members of the Lawrence family. Thanks to this and additional support, we were able to provide full financial aid for 416 students, including 175 supported directly by Full Speed to Full Need. These investments ensure that more young people can experience the power of a Lawrence education.

We also brought new faculty to campus, from young experts who are bringing cutting edge knowledge in emerging fields like the science of big data and neuroscience to renowned performers who are sharing their gifts with the next generation of artists. We welcomed a new class of thoughtful, bright and committed Lawrentians: this year a near-record 425 new students arrived on campus ready to begin their lives at Lawrence. We also proudly watched 328 graduates embark on their lives after Lawrence, ready to bring their leadership and passion for learning to graduate school, civic life, business, public health, the concert stage and beyond. 

I am so proud of the community we share and the institution that we are building together. Thank you for being the light for Lawrence.

Signature of Mark Burstein

Mark Burstein,