Collage of images including class of 2017 graduates, Lawrence Memorial Chapel, a class of 2017 banner and a decorated graduation cap.

Many members of Lawrence University’s donor base are parents of Lawrentians. They understand the importance of the liberal arts education their children are pursuing at Lawrence and are dedicated to building a supportive and engaging community for both current and future generations of students.

Gifts of $100,000 +

Anonymous (2)

29 W. Stephen ’62 and Joanie Gilboy P’90

Gifts of $50,000 +

30+ Edith G. Andrew P’88 §

30+ William O. ’66 and Marcia Hochkammer P’92 §

Gifts of $25,000 +

30+ Bonnie Glidden ’62 and Robert C. Buchanan ’62 P’94 §

30+ Suzanne Des Isles ’67 and Wayne H. Deitrich P’96 ’94 ’91

30+ Althea Hunting Kortenhof ’51 P’80 ’78 §

Gifts of $10,000 +

10 Nana Baffour-Gyewu ’94

12 Diane Buchanan and Richard Andrew P’10

30+ Carol Anderson ’76 and Richard G. Fessler ’74 P’04

27 Kathy and August W. Geise IV ’79 P’15

30+ Jane Paulson ’69 and David H. Gregerson ’67 P’97 §

3 Ingrid Schulz-Hallmann and Erik Hallmann P’18

6 Elaine P. and Steven M. Jaharis P’15

30+ Elizabeth Kortenhof ’78 and Steven C. Kumbalek ’78 P’19 ’13 §

30+ Kerstin Grace Lanser ’72 P’06

30+ Margery Homfeld ’67 and Philip A. Metzger ’66 P’94 §

23 Lisa Miller ’84 and Richard A. Moser ’83 P’14 ’11 §

28 Richard F. Olson ’53 P’85

30+ Jill McCormick ’67 and Richard J. Rupprecht P’98 §

20 David R. ’85 and Laura M. Shepard P’13 §

24 Charles B. ’72 and M. Diane Siekman P’12

30+ Judy Huffman Sutherland ’58 P’88 §

Gifts of $5,000 +

4 Lucie L. Canfield P’14

2 Gertrude Davis P’92

27 Steve ’68 and Su Figi P’89

30+ Judith Ingersoll ’80 and Richard A. Gray P’10 ‡

30+ Denise Dyer ’70 and Richard O. Haight ’71 P’00 §

3 Xiaoxi Hu and Bing Lu P’18

30+ Mary and Warren E. Ibele P’83 ’71

12 Laurel O. Johnson P’91 ’89

30+ Virginia Post ’69 and Andrew J. Kass ’69 P’01 ’00

4 Kristin L. and Gautam Kaul P’17

30+ Ann Leverenz ’64 and Jon C. Keckonen ’64 P’91 §

5 Margaret A. Lindsey P’14

20 Mary C. Lofgren P’93 ’93 §

30+ Delphine Joerns ’55 and James R. Overby ’55 P’90 §

4 Patricia J. and Marc C. Scott P’17

6 Susan J. Stabile and David D. Drueding P’15

30+ Nancy Marsh Stowe ’61 and John Koopman P’87

2 Mary E. Strek and Gregory M. Lewis P’19

30+ Judith Stanfield ’70 and Timothy R. Young ’70 P’00 §

Gifts of $2,000+

3 Dorinne S. Armstrong P’79

30+ Karen Henderson Bachhuber ’68 P’94 §

23 Cecilia Merrill ’88 and Joseph B. Berger ’86 P’18

8 Catherine G. and Craig A. Bishop P’13 ‡

15 Joan E. Brengel P’72

4 Elizabeth A. and James M. Burgess P’17

30+ Laura Johnson ’73 and Jarrel V. Burrow ’73 P’00

30+ Jacklyn Anderson ’58 and David R. Challoner ’56 P’82 §

30+ Michael P. Cisler ’78 and Sarah Traas P’06 §

12 Frances Siekman de Romero ’74 and Juan Carlos Romero Hicks P’15 ’11

30+ Robert J. ’64 and MaryAnn Dude P’03 ’99 §

30+ Cynthia Arneson ’79 and Robert E. Eddy ’79 P’09

30+ Jeffrey S. Edwards ’78 P’13 §

30+ William T. Eggbeer ’76 and Jo Ulrich P’95 §

23 William J. ’69 and Sandy French P’90 §

30+ Norman E. ’58 and Sandy Harden P’79

30+ Martha Kroon ’70 and H. Criss Hartzell, Jr. ’68 P’96

30+ Shelley and James D. Hawks III ’82 P’16

9 Elizabeth K. and John S. Hoylman P’14 ’11 ‡

30+ Jean P. Jepson ’62 P’89 ’84 §

30+ Jerome R. Kerkman ’79 P’12

30+ Karen Ansorge ’58 and Richard H. Kimberly ’57 P’90

24 Barbara Knapp and James Nikrant P’89

3 Karen J. and Jeffrey R. Lewis P’17

30+ Todd A. ’79 and Debra R. Mahr P’09 §

7 Katherine E. and Casey Mangan P’15 ‡

30+ Susan Dresser ’79 and Bruce A. Marshall ’79 P’17

30+ Carol and Ronald J. Mason P’83

30+ Nancy Chadbourne Maze M-D’52 P’88

6 Patricia Mc Dougal P’80 ’79

4 Kathleen McGillivray and Gordie E. Nye P’17

30+ Kenneth H. ’73 and Rebecca Melchert P’15

30+ David C. ’59 and Jeannie S. Mulford P’86

30+ Gregory R. ’72 and Mary Jane O’Meara P’88

2 RoxAnne T. Lentner-Orth and Scott A. Orth P’06 ’03

30+ Kay Christensen Peltier ’66 and Cindy Budd P’92

30+ Susan Schmidt ’81 and David A. Robertson ’82 P’13 ‡

5 Jeanne and Michael J. Schmitz P’85

2 Mary and Greg S. Shearson P’17

30+ Janet Steiner ’82 and Robert J. Stevens ’79 P’13 ’10

22 Gretchen and John C. Stratton III P’97 ‡

30+ Karen J. Sweet ’77 and Robin E. Fondow ’76 P’09

30+ Cynthia V. and J. Hall Taylor II ’74 P’05 ‡

28 James P. ’67 and Kathleen Thompson P’13

9 Bonnie and Wilmont Vickrey

30+ Susanna Fortney ’58 and Peter A. Walby P’00 ’99 ’97

3 Lisa and Michael J. Weber P’18

30+ David D. ’61 and Brenda Wenberg P’99

25 Richard J. ’79 and Mary Jane Whiting P’14

Gifts of $1,000+

Anonymous (1)

12 John R. Axtell ’75 and Diana M. Ames P’17

3 Miriam and Ronald Bardawil P’18

30+ Bobbye Hoffman Bartels ’68 P’96

4 Emily C. and F. Jeffrey Blodgett P’17

30+ Mark D. Breseman ’78 and Jane Hillstrom P’14 §

30+ Judith Fabrick ’59 and Duncan C. Burdick ’59 P’90

4 Caroline Burke and Timothy Dykstal P’17

3 Michelle L. Cihla P’12 ’10

19 Terrance J. ’84 and Chris Coenen P’15

19 Victoria W. and Albert S. Conti P’02

30+ Richard M. Cowett ’64 P’91 §

2 Nancy and John F. Daigler P’18

30+ Kathleen Dinham ’64 and Ross G. Davis ’64 P’89

30+ Elizabeth Dugan ’83 and Bart T. De Stasio ’82 P’17 ’12 §

18 Hannah R. Eisner ’75 and John B. Pryor P’09

30+ James D. and Pati Ericson P’77

30+ Gregory J. ’70 and Catherine Ann Exarhos P’12 ’07

30+ Nancy E. Fay ’78 and Kendrith M. Rowland, Jr. ’76 P’14 ’09

30+ Sharon and John W. Fenlon P’93

4 Denise J. Fligner and Terry W. Edwards P’17

30+ Marijean Meisner Flom ’50 P’83 ’75 §

30+ Martha Benton Flom ’52 P’82 ’79

30+ Evalyn Wiley ’69 and David E. Frasch ’69 P’96 §

30+ Timothy J. ’75 and Debbie H. Freeman P’05

30+ Mary Benton-Fuchs ’62 and Louis A. Fuchs P’91 ’88

19 Marjorie and Louis Fusco P’97

30+ Barbara Kreher Geiser ’71 P’00

12 Margaret A. and Robert A. Gilling P’08 ‡

30+ Lynne Ansorge Gorlinsky ’66 P’93

30+ Gregory L. ’80 and Laura L. Griffin P’09 ’08

2 Chantal and Timothy G. Healey P’19

30+ Sara Johnson ’69 and John W. Hein ’67 P’96

30+ Jessica Olson ’82 and Paul W. Heiring ’80 P’16

26 Marilyn V. Hibbert P’75

30+ Jane Voss ’61 and Robert A. Holroyd P’85

25 Nancy Homburg P’04

11 Lan Huang ’93 and Linqing Jia P’13

30+ Barbara Ives ’64 and Walter J. Isaac ’64 P’88 §

Phyllis Jewell and Christopher N. Wand P’20

30+ Nancy Habetler Kaliebe M-D’63 P’90 §

8 Lillian H. Koblenz and Majeed Al-Mateen P’13

30+ Elizabeth Shoemaker ’82 and Michael H. Kortenhof ’80 P’20 ’18 §

7 Daniel J. Krhin and Myra L. Misles-Krhin P’15

30+ Lynne M. LaJone ’76 and Chris J. Mollet P’13

3 Ann M. and Carl S. Leafstedt P’18

5 Christopher Lee P’19

26 Christiana Leonard P’88

2 Donna Leong and Andrew Holliday P’18

30+ John B. ’59 and Janice M. Liebenstein P’83 §

24 Martha Fizzell ’72 and Edward U. Lofstrom ’72 P’08

9 Nina J. and Richard A. Mancina P’11

18 Susan C. and Bradley L. Manning, Jr. P’02 ’00

30+ Mary Thome ’79 and Douglas D. Marshall ’78 P’09

30+ John E. ’71 and Rosalind P. Moeller P’11

30+ Helen Geyler Moore ’64 P’85 §

16 Terry ’82 and Johanna Moran P’18

30+ Patricia Scott ’53 and Ronald Myers ’53 P’79

4 Lori A. and Iain Nasatir P’17

9 Colleen K. and James W. Newman P’11 ‡

30+ John W. ’69 and Christina L. O’Boyle P’12 ’10

30+ Mary Plischounig ’62 and Dennis O’Flyng ’62 P’91

Elizabeth and Scott W. Osborne P’20

21 Julie-Ann and Earl P. Ow P’06 ’00

27 Leila Ramagopal ’87 and Brian G. Pertl ’86 P’20 ’12

30+ Sally Meyer Ruf P’88 §

30+ Dorothea Binhammer ’59 and Paul Sager P’90 ’89

21 Maxine and Willis W. Schoeb P’91

30+ Meredith J. Schoenfeld P’83

2 Kim and Jon Schrage P’19

30+ Donna Weltcheff Schroeder M-D’54 P’79 §

28 Theresa and Martin J. Spalding, Sr. ’50 P’76 §

3 Jeffrey R. and Roberta W. Surlas P’20

29 David G. ’78 and Trude I. Thome P’13

30+ Sandra Kraft ’62 and Jay J. Tibbetts ’62 P’89

4 Tari R. and David A. Toivonen P’17

30+ Mary Gajewski ’76 and James R. Vosper ’76 P’11 ’07 ‡

30+ Karen McGarvie ’80 and Thomas C. Watson ’80 P’11 ’09

15 Anne Marie and Robert J. Willis P’91

30+ Peggy Stewart Wilson ’55 P’85

Kaori S. and Derek Zemrak P’20

Yubin Zhou and Luzheng Sun P’20

Gifts of $500+

5 Elizabeth J. Adcock and Robert B. Mackin P’17

30+ William W. Bast ’58 P’89

30+ Stephen A. ’66 and Trudy Taitz Bernsten P’97 ’88 ’85

21 Alice O. and Duane Boeckers P’08 ’03

30+ Ellen Barber Boeye ’56 P’81 §

Ellen L. and Matthew M. Brady P’20

3 Mary K. Braymer Peterson and Merrill E. Peterson II P’18

30+ Diane and Leroy Busker P’81

6 Dawn M. and Thomas A. Clewett P’16

6 Ellen L. Connor P’15

11 Kay N. and Robert V. Cooney P’10

2 Lydia P. Crawford and Phillip N. Davies P’20

13 Danielle L. and David J. Devereaux-Weber P’08

Elizabeth and Robert Duero P’20 ’19

19 Marlene Karides Ego ’72 P’00

30+ Susan Herr ’62 and Charles M. Engberg ’62 P’92 ’89 §

14 John R. ’70 and Barbara Fease P’99

30+ Augustin K. ’73 and Helen A. Fosu P’13

13 Janet S. and Michael W. Funderburk P’09

26 Jennifer Vogel ’81 and James Gettel P’14

30+ Lynn Brindle ’68 and Stephen C. Good ’67 P’99

2 Mary C. and Curtis R. Hall P’19

12 Susan Long ’76 and C. David Hall P’12

30+ H. Michael Hartoonian ’60 and Patricia M. Thornton P’05

4 Lisa F. Henner P’17

30+ George C. Hoffmann P’87 ’83

23 Charles F. ’61 and Patricia Hunter P’93 ’83

30+ David A. ’71 and Rochelle G. Jones P’10

11 Ann M. and Robert E. Kilkuskie P’10 ‡

3 Marcia A. and Kenneth E. Korber P’17

30+ James J. Kriva ’75 P’11

30+ Janet Heimann ’71 and David G. Kriz P’04

6 Sarah K. and Charles R. Lamphere P’15

8 Julia S. and Steven R. Landes P’16 ’13

11 Jules N. LaRocque P’83

4 Lynne and Matthew C. Lenz P’16 ‡

3 Patricia S. and Douglas S. Levy P’18

3 Robert D. Lipton P’18 ‡

12 Hilda L. and Arthur C. Martinez P’06

19 Cheryl R. and Thomas K. Maxwell P’02

2 Margaret C. and Phillip C. McDonnell P’19

26 Susan L. Medak ’76 and Gregory S. Murphy P’11

3 Julia and Peter Murphy P’18

5 Terry L. and Leonard M. Newman P’17

3 Susan C. and Walter C. Noble P’18

30+ Carol J. and John C. Palmquist P’86 ’82

26 Lee and John M. Parker P’92 ’87

5 Mary Lynne and Michael W. Perushek P’16

29 Warren D. ’84 and Ann M. Pierson P’16

30+ Jean Reynolds Pooler ’53 P’77 §

20 Karen Leigh Tunks Post ’79 P’13

30+ Janice Daniels ’74 and Dennis P. Quinlan ’74 P’07 ’04

18 Karen A. and Timothy D. Raben P’03

30+ Cynthia Liebich ’63 and Charles R. Reff P’99

8 Georgia S. and John M. Revis P’16 ’13

23 Kaye S. Rogers-Ketterling P’92 ’90

25 Janet B. Sauers ’76 and Michael K. Nation P’11

19 Carl G. Schwendler ’59 P’91

21 William M. ’65 and Carolyn M. Scott P’99 ‡

2 Louise Z. Shalit P’19

23 Martha and Ronald L. Shiffler P’00 ’96

3 Margaret Stiassni-Sieracki and Christian Sieracki P’18

2 Lynn M. and Matthew E. Simmons P’19

2 Linda and Fred Soucie P’18

7 Thomas C. Spitzfaden P’14

4 Pamela A. and Daniel L. Stegink P’17

18 Alice Dillon ’67 and E. Phillip Strong ’67 P’93 ‡

30+ Margo Taggart Tilghman ’65 P’99

2 Alison S. and Mark Timpe P’19 ‡

3 Jennie L. and James Tomhave P’18

2 Susan Miller and Jeff Tweedy P’19

27 Wendy J. Watson ’78 and Michael S. Fogel ’79 P’08

3 Karen R. and Steve J. Weiss P’18

3 Janet R. and Christopher Winslow P’17

9 Teana P. and Abbott W. Wright P’08

Margarita M. Zamora and Judith N. Green P’20

27 Bernadine and John J. Zimmer P’89

Gifts of $250 +

Leila G. and Marc Austin P’20

26 Judith and Robert R. Benton P’91

30+ Fredrick A. Bliss P’86

10 Margaret C. Boehm P’09

Margaret A. Bradbury and Jaime Hernandez P’20

4 Anne D. Brataas and Charles J. Hathaway P’17

30+ Betty Domrose Brown M-D’47 P’78 §

30+ Janice B. and Daniel K. Butler, Jr. ’77 P’07

2 Christine and Jonathan C. Calkwood P’19

8 Bradley G. Clary P’14

30+ Kären Zoerb Cohen ’80 P’18 §

6 Lucy and Joseph Conard P’14

3 Patricia B. Crisafulli P’15

27 David H. Curle ’81 and Helen I. Nordlund P’18 ‡

17 Mary DeRosier P’04

3 LoriAnn and Paul M. Deveikis P’18

2 Kathleen C. and Kevin J. Dillon P’19

30+ Eleanor and Joseph C. DiRaimondo P’91

2 Sara J. and Thomas Doruska P’18

21 Sandra J. Drexler ’90 P’04

3 Cindy Lee Duckert and Bruce A. Casner P’06 ‡

30+ JoAnn Buesing DuVall ’57 P’84

27 Julie and George A. Fiedler, Jr. P’84

28 Nancy Owens ’83 and Paul W. Fraser ’85 P’16

Rhonda L. and Adam M. Fried P’17

26 Barbara and Donald E. Fuhrmann P’92 ’90

6 Mary Jane and Gary A. Gabrielsen P’11

16 Dominique Frigo ’78 and Peter H. Geraghty P’19 ’16

25 Janet L. Gibeau P’90 ’85 ’83

13 Sarah H. and Peter J. Gilbert P’14

2 Barbara F. and Charles L. Gitkin P’19

29 Suzanne and Norbert H. Goral P’92 ’85

19 Barbara and Timothy A. Graul P’87

30+ Norma and Herbert Grench P’79

18 Marcia C. and Charles K. Growdon P’03

4 Susan A. Guzmich and James T. Kunin P’12

2 Susan M. Hagnell and Robert E. Bartal P’20

10 Karen H. and Philip E. Harris P’01

30+ John A. ’62 and HyonSuk Harvey P’93

11 Catherine P. and Daniel R. Herdeman P’09

11 Lynn E. Hertz and Dennis J. Merley P’09

30+ Diane and Kenneth M. Hill P’93 ’90

2 Darva G. and Richard T. Hirsch P’19

3 Karen and David E. Hoel P’99

Elizabeth and William Holt P’18 ‡

28 David H. Hopper P’95 ’92

28 Carol and Joseph H. Houston P’91

17 Lisa Shuster ’88 and Ed Janairo P’18 ’15

21 John O. Jensen ’87 and Karen E. Belmore P’12

29 Gail L. Johnson P’92 ’91

10 Charlotte and Richard Johnston P’83

30+ Nancy Lee and Steve Kailas P’82

30+ Helen Williams ’55 and Nicholas T. Kaiser ’55 P’84

18 Janet and William W. Keaney P’97

6 Mark W. Keller P’14

28 Jane and Robert H. Kennedy P’83

30+ Mary Allen ’74 and James P. Kirkland ’76 P’07

8 Maren A. Klich and Edward J. Mullaney P’13

30+ Ann Lapham Kramer ’54 P’84 §

23 Carol Kumbalek P’78

4 Sharon H. Lawson and David K. Mangian P’17 ’14

28 Phyllis and Donald D. Layton P’87

Donna H. Le and Patrick K. Lau P’19 ’14

30+ Ann Lavacek Leech ’64 P’95

Jessica S. and Marc C. Levy P’20

17 Maureen M. and Thornton C. Lewis P’03

Chia-Yin Liao and Yen-Ju Wang P’17

4 Deborah E. and Gordon D. Lind P’03

Christine and Clark Lindgren P’20

3 Lorinda S. Liongson and Gregory T. Smrz P’18 ‡

12 Ruth M. Lunt P’16

Sharon and Lee MacArthur P’20

30+ Patricia K. ’78 and Neil McCarty P’84 ’74

6 Laurel A. McClure and Robert L. Byrom P’16

19 Kathleen D. and George A. McConaghy P’00

21 Kathleen and John M. Mezoff P’94

2 Ellen and George Mozurkewich, Jr. P’19

Diane A. Mullin and David Wulfman P’20

30+ Lisa K. Nadziejka ’83 P’14

30+ Paul M. Nelson ’74 and Jane M. Lewis P’07

30+ Charles L. ’86 and Patricia Weyforth Newhall P’19

2 Ellen S. and James J. Nocton P’20

3 Cherie A. Noe and David L. Hudacek P’18

3 Karen D. and William A. Nootenboom P’17

6 Kathleen R. Novak and Michael R. Niedenfuehr P’16

Maribel and Ricardo Pena P’20

30+ Helen Wagner Pierce ’50 P’87

30+ Martha Johnston ’52 and John B. Prince P’86 ‡

30+ James M. ’77 and Sarah C. Rand P’06 §

30+ Beverly and Omer E. Reese P’89

2 Laura L. and Mark E. Reeves P’19

30+ Bonnie Brown ’62 and James M. Rock P’87

6 Donna M. and Kirk D. Scattergood P’12

18 Ruth A. and Richard L. Schauer P’83

30+ Cathryn Piehl ’69 and Paul W. Schmidt ’70 P’06

30+ Martha Esch ’70 and John H. Schott P’97

Tracy L. Selvig and John A. Bohnen P’17

5 Kimberly and John Siebert P’14

11 Victoria A. Sistek and Matthew W. Burke P’09

20 Mary E. and Thomas L. Skorczeski P’01

4 Hilary K. and Jeffrey C. Smedsrud P’14

11 Katherine L. and Philip R. Smith P’81

29 Bonnie and Harry L. Spiegelberg P’93

24 Jacqueline Spillman P’86

24 Mary and Frank J. Sprtel P’10 ’97 ’94

30+ Shirley Spangler ’59 and Richard J. Steiner P’82

30+ Sue Martin-Steiner ’78 and Anthony M. Steiner P’12 ’05

Susan H. and Steve P. Strawbridge P’19

30+ Frank D. ’67 and Linda E. Szitta P’95

4 Bethany B. Thiede Wray and Jon R. Wray P’17

30+ Patricia Webb ’62 and Peter + J. Thomas ’62 P’92 ’87 §

28 Jean C. Thompson P’77

2 Mariea Tinoco and Wilbur Williams P’17

Linda L. Toote and Mark N. McEwen P’20

16 Sherril and Thomas A. Vandenberg P’05

26 Robert J. ’68 and Catherine Van Domelen P’94

9 Autumn M. Wagner P’12 §

2 Deirdre A. Watts P’11

27 Ann E. Whereat ’81 and John T. Traylor ’81 P’15

16 Emily H. and Richard S. Wilson P’99

30+ Scott D. ’79 and Julie M. Wolbers P’09

28 Judith Peterson ’71 and Clare W. Zempel P’04 ’99


16 Diana L. Adam P’97

3 Avis and Stan Adams P’18

16 Irmtrud M. Labant-Adams and Allen D. Adams P’03 §

2 Janine and Sam Adams P’19

3 Arlene D. and Alexander O. Adekoya P’16

3 Cheryl L. and Paul D. Adkins P’18

6 Lisa J. and Thomas L. Aerts P’10

Rozlya Akhmedova P’20

22 Mary + Brausch ’63 and Terry C. Albert P’92

30+ William C. Albright ’74 and Kathy A. Zanella Albright P’11

15 Ramon J. Aldag P’05

12 Kim A. and Steve A. Alinder P’09

30+ Patricia and T. E. Allen P’83

8 Christine P. and John J. Allison P’12

27 Edward J. Amrein P’89

Amy and Jeremy G. Anderson P’19

2 Patricia Anderson and Stephen Y. Zheng P’18

25 Faye and John H. Andrews P’95

4 Marcy S. and Mario Angeli P’15

Karen and William R. Angemi P’20

7 Steven R. Arbuckle P’14

Anna T. Arispe P’20

27 Joan T. Armstrong P’80

Lisa K. and Andrew J. Arthur P’20

17 Linda K. and Leigh J. Aschbrenner P’04

3 Annette M. and Christopher L. Ashley P’18

Linda and Gerry B. Ashmore P’17

25 Janet and Addison Ault P’92

14 Frank W. ’81 and Cornelia Babbitt P’15

7 Maria S. and Dan H. Bailey P’13

3 Sharon D. Barber P’17

Kathleen Bard and Patrick Laritson P’20

3 Maria Barlow and Paul Rasmussen P’18

15 Kathleen and Bruce A. Bartel P’97

3 Becky and Michael Barthelmess P’17 ’14

2 Gail H. and David Barton P’16

5 Anne Traas ’91 and Philip A. Baruth ’96 P’00

4 Elizabeth A. Bast ’89 and Ronald L. Schultz P’20

3 Carol J. and James E. Bauer P’17

11 Janet G. and John G. Bauer P’10

22 Paula Vanhooser ’87 and Gary A. Baum P’91 ’88

24 Cathy and John C. Baumgart P’96

5 Christine S. and Kenneth S. Bazydlo P’16

8 Alice M. and Jay R. Beckman P’13

Polly V. Bedford and Anthony J. Crubaugh P’20

6 Camala and Gary G. Bedroske P’13

6 Nancy Belonger P’15

6 Patricia A. Bender P’11

18 Susan M. and Edward S. Benedict P’99 ’96

30+ Mary Schroeder Benjamin ’62 and David James P’87

Celeste A. Berken and Stephen M. Dahl P’20

28 Anthony C. ’70 and Phyllis A. Berman P’00

Robyn Beverly-Broomer P’20

18 Wendy and Thomas O. Beyer P’92

20 Ethel Biba P’86 ’83

Mary and Brian P. Birch P’18

10 Debra A. Black P’11

4 Sally and Christopher E. Blackburn P’14

30+ Sarah Trump ’65 and Philip L. Blackwell P’93

Michelle M. Blaeser P’20

7 Patricia L. and James D. Blair P’17 ’09

12 Caryn T. and Douglas A. Blegen P’12 ’09

15 Jean E. Bluett P’01

3 Lynne B. and Steven A. Blumenstock P’16

30+ Kelly Sharp ’85 and David W. Bolgrien ’84 P’15

17 Marcia M. Bollo P’98

30+ Mary Freeman ’70 and John N. Borgh ’70 P’00

26 Suzy Steele ’78 and John R. Born, Jr. P’06

6 Karen N. and Marty E. Borresen P’15 ’11

14 Mary C. Botsford P’07

Kate and Terry Bourbeau P’19

15 Elizabeth A. Boutelle and David Winkel P’12 ’09

23 Nancy Bowser P’90

Linda L. and Ronald G. Braier P’06

Erin M. Branagan and Sergio A. Kakehashi P’20

26 R. John Braun P’81

13 Yvonne M. and Charles K. Breaux P’99

25 Jean and Dennis W. Brecke P’94

26 Noel-Anne and James B. Brennan P’91

17 Viola and David G. Brennan P’92 ’89

17 Susan G. and Charles J. Brenner P’00

Mary K. and Douglas P. Brethauer P’12

Laura and Anthony Bridgwater P’19

23 Lawrence A. Briesemeister P’97

3 Jane G. and Charles F. Briggs P’18

Rosa F. and Robert Briggs P’20 ‡

30+ Matthew G. ’76 and Loretta Brockmeier P’09

25 Pearl and William G. Broeren P’91 ’89

5 Laura J. Broomell P’16

28 Nance and David A. Browdie P’86

16 Challoner Morse Brown ’63 P’85 ’82

2 Janette and Edward Brown P’20

16 Patricia M. Brown ’77 and Donald D. Doyle P’11

13 Sandra C. and Walter S. Brown P’05

29 Alouise Carlson M-D’62 and H. David Brummer P’98 ’96

27 Carolyn and Philip Brunelle P’93

3 Lelia K. Bruun P’16

2 Kristin Jensen ’70 and Michael J. Bryan P’12

25 Curtis W. ’66 and Heidi Buchholtz P’93

15 Lynn and William J. Buckley P’05

8 Julia A. and Christopher T. Budde P’12

2 Carolyn L. Burger and Raffi Minasian P’19

Ingrid Burgeson and Clark Carlson P’19

10 Vicki L. and Steven P. Burgess P’07

20 Gail and David J. Burke P’91

2 Tracy E. Burrows and Stephen R. Bennett P’19

9 Margaret R. and William L. Burton P’10

30+ Ellen Houck ’70 and Michael G. Busch P’01

28 Elizabeth Butler P’91

30+ Violet G. and William C. Butler P’74

10 Therese M. Butler Bodee and Robert C. Bodee P’11

4 Carol H. and Bruce Butterfield P’17

5 Antoinette B. Byam and David J. Katzman P’12

2 Maria and Danny Cacho P’19

8 Laura P. and Morton D. Cahn P’13

15 Helen W. and John L. Callaghan P’99

25 Grace and Michael T. Callahan P’96

17 Odalys P. and Richard Campagna P’04 §

5 Laura Campbell P’16

5 Mary T. and Charles W. Campbell P’97

30+ James M. ’49 and Renate Messer Campbell P’89 ’85

23 Karen Cannizzo P’96

3 Sasha A. and Joseph R. Cardinal P’16

21 James H. Carlisle P’93

6 Chloe and Bruce W. Carlson P’13

10 Julie A. and David R. Carlson P’09 ‡

26 Polly and Robert Carlson P’95

15 Jacqueline M. and Donald F. Carney, Jr. P’01

3 David Carr P’17

Janet and James Carson P’20

3 Susan R. Cassidy and Paul L. Martenis P’20 ’17

Mariana Castro and Andrew T. Beversdorf P’20

2 Kaneko Ceh P’18

3 Angela A. and Christopher G. Chapman P’16

19 Mary E. Chern P’83 ’82 ’79

16 Betty A. Chewning and Lawrence J. Lundy P’99

17 Bev and Jack Christ P’00

3 Jean Cisler P’78 +

4 Helene L. and Gary Class P’17

Sandra M. and William L. Cline P’20

6 Marilyn H. and David R. Clow P’15

30+ Mary Sue and William D. Coates P’80

Candace M. and David E. Cohen P’19

3 Carol B. and Joseph M. Cohen P’18

30+ Frank W. ’57 and Janet L. Cole P’82 §

Caroline L. and Emmett V. Coleman P’18

Eve D. Cominos and Daniel J. Roemer P’20

27 Esther Como P’84

5 Sherri L. Condron P’14

30+ Marjorie and Julian H. Conkey P’73

30+ J. Quentin Cook P’85

29 Mary Jane and Albert T.T. Cook, Jr. P’92

30+ Nancy and Rollin B. Cooper P’91 ’89

Lisa R. Cooperman P’20

17 Carla W. and Leonard P. Corin P’01

30+ Katherine Manz Cowett ’64 P’91

17 Kathryn M. Craig and Stephen L. Zabor P’99

28 Wendy Schaller ’76 and Peter J. Crawford P’11

2 Margaret T. Creighton and Ignacio Garcia Gabarro P’19

Michael G. Criste P’17

4 Stacey L. and Michael J. Cullian P’15

Ann D. Cummings P’20

10 Anthony M. D’Alessandro P’10

29 Darinka Dimitrijevic ’76 and F. Nicholas D’Alessio P’17

5 Judith and Brian Daley P’16

16 Penny P. and Paul F. Dalrymple P’03

11 Loris O. and Arno B. Damerow P’07

14 Betsy Dana P’94

11 Gwen A. and John B. Daniels, Jr. P’11 ’07

15 Kathryn L. and Timothy W. Danielson P’03

18 Patricia Schultz Darling ’85 P’13

30+ Barbara Kraemer Davidson M-D’57 and Marcia Beverage P’92

15 Mary Margaret and William S. Davidson P’02 ‡

10 Debra K. and Robert J. Davies P’09

30+ Dianne Schwartz ’69 and Rowland M. Davis, Jr. ’69 P’94

4 Jean M. and Mark A. Davis P’17

24 Peter N. Davis P’99 ’95

17 William T. Davis ’69 and Eluise M. Marvin P’89

20 John C. Decker ’63 P’92

Marc and Carrie E. Demers P’20

30+ Charles DeMets ’82 and Lynn C. Norton-DeMets P’19 ’14

8 Nancy Dragelin and John Dennis P’18 ’11

3 Julie and Peter G. DePouw P’15

28 Martin L. ’57 and Margaret Atwater Deppe P’86

Laura and Clifford S. Deremo P’17

27 Nara Hulbert ’90 and Thomas D. Detienne ’88 P’16

2 Jean M. Dettweiler P’20

Kenny W. Dezendorf P’20

Lidia and Francisco A. Dilone P’20

Deborah and Bryan Dion-Simon P’19

11 Anne L. and Robert J. Dirkman P’10

30+ Lisa Johnson ’85 and Brian K. Dockery ’85 P’15

12 Adele A. and Mark P. Dolan P’06

2 Berna L. and Edward Donlon P’19

Traci and Michael Dougherty P’20

30+ Richard B. Dowd ’86 and Joni B. Chapman P’08

16 Margaret and Stephen W. Downing P’97 ’95

15 Jane E. and William R. Drebus P’04

25 Helen M. and William F. Drennan P’85 ’80

Lisa B. and Bruce C. Drummond P’20 ’20

11 Mariette E. du Celliee Muller P’08

7 Beth C. Senne-Duff and Mark Duff P’14

12 Judy and Joe Dufficy P’09

Emily E. Duke and Daniel A. Sogin P’20

30+ Lynn James ’81 and Peter N. Dulak ’84 P’12

28 Lucinda Steven Duncan ’66 P’94

2 Mary E. and Lewis C. Duncan P’17

2 Albert Dunlap P’19

2 Susan Dunlap P’19

4 Judith M. and Paul E. Durbak P’17

7 Janis L. and William V. Dwyer P’13

Katarzyna and Jan Dziewiatkowska P’19

6 Laura H. and Jay D. Edelman P’14

Carrie L. and Vance R. Edwards P’20

30+ Tom Ehlinger ’73 and Anne E. Peek P’14

2 Robin and David Eichhorst P’18 ’16 ’14

Barbara M. and Mark T. Eldridge P’19

2 Cheryl L. and J. Robert Ellis P’17

30+ Russell R. ’50 and Nancy E. Ellis P’79

10 Margaret L. Elwood and Russell Taylor P’10

30+ Richie L. and Robert L. Epps P’83

14 Leota Ester P’78

7 Abbey H. and Daniel M. Evans P’13

2 Beth and Gary M. Evans P’18

14 Sue and Bob Evans P’05

30+ Donald L. Exner ’51 P’76 ’72

5 Laurie B. Friedman-Fannin and Jerry A. Fannin P’12

3 Anja and David L. Farin P’19

5 Patricia A. Farrell P’13

4 Linda and Kurtis W. Featherly P’16

7 Janice K. and Frank C. Feinberg P’14

30+ Linda Raasch ’64 and Bruce M. Feldt ’65 P’92

15 Mary M. and Richard Fellenz P’03

15 Martha C. and Charles F. Ferris P’01 ’97

30+ Ruth Ferris P’84

3 Kirsten Findell and Bart L. DeCorte P’16

30+ Thomas N. Findlay ’70 and Missy O’Neil P’97 ’92

23 Carol M. and Jonathan Fisher P’90

6 Lisa M. and Holland B. Fisher P’11

Irene Ochoa Flores and Salvador Ochoa Chavarria P’19

5 Andrea M. and Charles M. Foley P’20 ’16

Rise F. Forrester and Kevin L. Thew Forrester P’20

2 Monica J. and Malcolm L. Fox II P’11

4 Patty and Steven A. Francour P’19

Vivian A. and Jeff S. Francy P’20

28 David E. ’78 and Karen K. Frankson P’18

7 Linda M. Franz and Douglas P. Sefton P’14

19 Julia Skinner ’77 and David A. Frater ’77 P’11

4 Colleen A. and George Frayn P’17

10 Dolores M. and David S. Fryd P’06

Korine A. Fujiwara and Cameron D. Bennett P’20

11 Dwight Garcia P’06

3 Juana H. Garcia and Juan A. Luna P’17

9 Mary Ann Gast P’00

11 Catherine D. and Robert J. Gaudinski P’08

3 Leah Gay P’15

Jill S. Gebhardt and Daniel J. Thompson P’19

Deborah J. and Jeffrey R. Geiger P’20

29 Dawn Pubanz ’83 and William H. Gergen P’14

Lisa A. Landvik-Geyen and Randall G. Geyen P’17

11 Debra A. and Brian J. Gibbons P’13

18 Patricia M. and Russell H. Gilbert P’01

23 Edith Miller ’60 and C. Lee Gilbertson ’60 P’92

21 Virginia Teas ’83 and John Gill P’18

Cydne Gillard P’17

2 Julie E. and Rodney Glenn P’19

23 Ann R. and Otis H. Godfrey III P’98

4 Laura L. Goldenberg and Terence E. Byrd P’17

4 Louise M. Goldman and Wayne Buck P’17

3 Theresa A. Goldman P’18

4 Lorena E. and Salomon Gonzalez P’17

8 Carla K. and John D. Goode P’13

17 Nancy and Gordon Goodman P’87

30+ Jane E. Gordon P’82

2 Cynthia and Nicholas Gornick P’17

23 Marilyn and Roger Gottschalk P’87

3 Susan and John Grady P’17

17 Ingrid B. and Lars U. Graff P’99 ’97

3 Marin K. Amundson-Graham and Dana Graham P’18

24 Susan M. Green P’90

2 Jill K. Greenig and Luke R. Fredrickson P’19

Julie A. and David S. Gregory P’17

9 Marianne and David E. Griebler P’15 ’11 ’09

27 Rosalie Keller Griesse ’50 P’78

18 Darice Griffin P’97

25 Carol and Kenneth L. Grode P’91 ’86

2 Crystal L. and Edmund P. Grode P’18

2 Anne E. Grossman and Richard A. Bernheimer, Jr. P’19

28 Karen Kolpack ’68 and John A. Grundahl P’03

21 Christine K. and John S. Guenther P’98

3 Kathryn and Francis V. Guinan, Jr. P’18

19 Ellen D. and Leland R. Guyer P’02

20 Barbara and Karl E. Gwiasda P’97

Cynthia L. and David W. Hadlich P’20

11 Ida E. Hagman P’07

14 Catherine L. and Robert P. Hahn P’07

30+ Janice Iverson ’75 and David R. Hahn ’73 P’05 ‡

14 Kristine A. Haig and John Sonnenday P’07

27 Sally Huffman ’61 and Leonard G. Hall ’60 P’88 ’84

2 Heidi E. and Daniel S. Hamilton P’16

5 Janice O. and Albert S. Hammond P’14

27 Mary Griffiths Hane P’88

14 Sallie A. Hane P’06

29 Darlene and Bryan E. Hanke P’91

Kristi G. Hansen and Jeffrey A. Murray P’20

19 Caren E. and Robert J. Hanson P’99

30+ Sally and George A. Hardy P’80 ‡

19 Martha N. and James E. Hartmann P’02

18 John M. ’64 and Kathy Hartong P’92

10 Clinton L. Havill P’08

7 Carole A. Hays P’14

2 Debra Hearne P’20

26 Marilyn Jome Hein ’94 P’92

30+ Susanne Carroll Heinritz M-D’51 P’85

29 Elizabeth Keckonen ’91 and Martin Hejl P’15

3 Lynn E. Helding and Blake M. Wilson P’17

29 Marianne and Herman R. Hendrickson P’91

30+ Beth Johnson ’75 and Donald J. Henrich ’73 P’05 §

Alison P. and Philip E. Henry P’18

13 Martha L. and Creston C. Herold, Jr. P’05

4 Anne M. and James P. Hertel P’09

2 Susan D. and Peter G. Hill P’19

5 Jean M. and Harry B. Hindson P’16

2 Kristen L. and Charles L. Hines IV P’19

13 Monica F. and Stephen J. Hinke P’03

Lisbeth A. and Paul M. Hintz P’20

20 Barbara C. and Michael W. Hinz P’00 ‡

6 Ida M. and Harold P. Hjalmarson P’13

5 Debora J. Hoard and Thomas A. Christman P’13

8 Penny S. and David J. Hoh P’10 ’09

Melanie L. and Bruno W. Hollenstein P’20

4 Jessica Holmes and James W. Martin P’17

30+ Rita and James T. Honnold P’79

10 Katherine S. and Kevin G. Hooper P’08

30+ Wendy Walter ’62 and Joseph + A. Hopfensperger ’52 P’93 §

6 Mary and Jeffrey M. Hoster P’15

28 Barbara and David D. Houghton P’91

30+ Peter J. House ’68 and Anne E. Fitzpatrick P’99

13 Margery A. Howard P’07

17 Mary C. and Bob Huber P’02

17 Margaret C. Huff P’94

17 Cheryl M. Humbert P’03 ’98

4 Peggy and Jeffery Hutchings P’17

Rebecca E. and Mark Ibach P’20

2 Linda Jean and John M. Iglinski P’19

28 Fern Imse P’76 ’74

4 Jenny Jachim and Marco A. Espinosa P’17

Rebecca L. and James R. Jackson P’20

28 Britt Jacobsen P’84

18 Judith Lewandowski ’86 and Scott E. Jamison P’16

14 Barbara JoAnn and Michael S. Jeglum P’06

19 Barbara Jenkins P’83

13 Pamela K. and Robert A. Jenkins P’07

2 Juanita M. Jensen P’19

3 Maryann and Brian J. Jensen P’18

20 Anne M. and Stephen W. Johnson P’99

30+ Catherine and Morris A. Johnson P’89 ’86 ’84

Marilyn H. and Dale K. Johnson P’17

15 Mary K. and Douglas N. Johnson P’05

15 Maureen L. Johnson P’03

5 Pamela A. and Robert D. Johnson P’18 ’16

16 Stephen P. Johnson P’03

Susan and Michael Johnson P’19

15 Tami and Blake F. Johnson P’10

11 Shelagh M. Johnston and Louis J. Riley P’07

30+ Linda + and Truman Jordan P’86

18 Fayth A. Jorgensen P’76

18 Jackie and Arthur F. Josetti P’97

6 Delores E. and Eugene G. Kargleder P’13

30+ Barbara Adrian ’59 and Walter E. Karst ’56 P’89

2 Kimberlee Kaufmann P’19

3 Ilene S. and Steven N. Kaye P’18

13 Judith and James P. Kearney P’91

2 John D. Keefe P’19

30+ Jane M. Keggi P’88

30+ R. Lincoln Keiser ’59 and Jule Crawford P’89

30+ Dorothy and Arthur F. Kelley P’79 ’76

5 Jeanette P. and Daniel R. Keyser P’04 ’99

26 Karen Hamilton ’87 and Gregory A. Kiehl ’85 P’20 ’17

4 Julie and John Killian P’15

8 Linda J. Kimball ’77 and Frank Hanson P’17

25 Mary Holt and Robert P. Kimball P’93

30+ Anne Wolfe ’76 and Thomas Michael King P’17 §

8 Robert A. King P’12

6 Deborah A. and Keith R. Kinney P’07

13 Dorothy A. Kinscherf and Eugene H. Rubin P’08

William D. Kissinger P’20

22 Linda L. Kleinhans P’93 ’91

4 Mary Kleppin P’16

29 Joanne Fratcher ’69 and James R. Klinkert ’69 P’04

Beverly R. and David J. Klug P’20

28 Nancy Nye ’66 and James S. Knipe ’66 P’91

Tonya A. and William W. Knisely P’19

14 Janell M. and Bradley C. Knutson P’06

22 Margaret and John C. Kochanowski P’99 ’98

Kathleen M. Koeneman P’20

Jean and Douglas Kohlmeyer P’17

17 Marilyn D. and Thomas M. Kolar P’01

13 Ruth E. Kolarik and Zhivoin B. Radoshevich P’08

9 Christine L. and Warren E. Koons P’08

2 Mary Lou Kopas and Charles Caldart P’16

5 Valerie Kop Choy and Warren Choy P’16

3 Rebecca and Robert Kosberg P’16

18 Mary Beth and Phillip A. Koss P’17 ’00

3 Jennifer and Roger Kramer P’18

4 Debra L. and James F. Kranz P’13

7 Janet M. Kranz and Thomas C. Gunby P’15 ’13

2 Helen M. and Dennis S. Krawzak P’17

29 Donald Krebsbach P’85

4 Cindy M. and Bill J. Kreuder P’15

3 Christine F. and Steven Kronsnoble P’17

16 Susan Boyd Kruesi P’04

Lori A. Krumberger and Stephen J. Krumburger P’20

15 Virginia and Paul A. Kruse P’05

16 Jill A. and Terence A. Kunes P’01

Petra Y. Kuppinger P’20

23 Barbara Kurten P’92

2 Ann M. Labak P’16

9 Christine Lac P’12

11 Lesley S. and Robin B. Lake P’01

7 Vicki J. ’88 and Bruce P. Lambert P’11

30+ Alice Haselden ’66 and Paul Lane P’92

20 Sara A. and Robert V. Larsen P’86 ’83

Rose N. and Mark D. Larson P’12

17 Betty R. and Arden J. LaShell P’00

5 Dana and Alan Laursen P’18 ’16

28 Janet Palumbo-Lavery ’78 and Hugh P. Lavery P’17

4 Deborah L. and Charles R. Lawhun P’17

4 Joleen S. and Thomas E. Lawlor P’15

30+ Ethel Clingman ’53 and Daniel J. Lawrence P’85

6 Julie S. and Ronald W. Lee P’14

13 Susanna M. and Steven A. Leers P’02

30+ Linda and Martin C. Lehfeldt P’88

5 Leslie Lehman and Richard Pearsall P’15

7 Patty and Randy Leiker P’15

30+ Kathryn and Bud Lemley P’91

4 Laura J. and John P. Lemos P’17

2 Jennifer K. and Jeffrey A. Leonard P’19

17 John O. Leonard ’45 P’83

25 Elfriede and Lawrence E. Leporte P’83

Alicia Levine and Bradley Goldberg P’20

2 Jacqueline Anderson Levy P’95

28 Elizabeth and Dennis Lewis P’91

30+ Jacqueline Allen and James E. Lichty P’84

30+ Haldon W. Lindfelt ’60 P’88

5 Nilda V. and Bruce D. Linger P’14 ‡

5 Susan J. Linnell and Frank J. Fahey P’12

25 Jean M. and Paul J. Lloyd P’87

2 Trischa A. and James Loebl P’20 ’17

21 Jeanne Phelps ’81 and Jamie Loehnis, Jr. P’06 ’05

30+ Mary and Joseph L. Lom P’89

3 Sara C. and James B. Lootens P’18 ‡

28 Dianne and Philip R. Luhmann P’93

2 Lisa M. Luna P’17

30+ Lois C. Lurie P’85

30+ Ann M. Lutz P’81 ’75 §

4 Julie A. and Neal J. Maccoux P’14

30+ Barbara Struck ’72 and Bradley A. MacDonald ’72 P’06

13 David ’85 and Sara J. MacDuff P’16

15 Mary J. Mack P’98

Stephanie R. and Stuart D. MacLean P’19

30+ Anne Paterson ’77 and Michael D. Maillette P’04

2 Mary and Mark Makuc P’17

4 Donna J. and David F. Maletich P’12

21 Karen M. and Henry L. Mangelsen P’00

7 Lora G. and David M. Marheine P’09

3 Ellen L. Marsh and Daniel P. Schachtman P’17

13 Diane B. and Walter L. Martin P’07

30+ JoAnn Martin P’87

29 Sherry and Donald R. Martinson P’91

2 Diana L. Maurer and John J. Crashell P’19

Marie E. and John D. Mayhew P’17

30+ Margaret and Donald G. McCollum P’85 ’80

Maureen L. McCutcheon and Raymond A. Boch P’20

2 Melanie A. and Denis McDonald P’19

5 Susan Montzka ’83 and Michael P. McDonald, Jr. ’83 P’17

Bev J. and Steve A. McElroy P’20

3 Wanda D. Brown-McGreck and VanPierre McGreck P’17

23 Alice J. McGuire-Backlund P’97

30+ Laurie Johnson ’77 and William Breck McHenry P’07

30+ Robert S. ’68 and Patricia M. McKee P’00

30+ Thomas B. ’50 and Rusty McKenzie P’95 ’80 §

3 Bethany A. and Gregory J. McLain P’13

7 Dorothy and Bradford McLane P’14

3 Joan L. McLester and David Davis P’18

30+ Mildred and Edward T. McNamara P’88

30+ Jane C. and John R. McNaughton P’83

30+ Mary Port Mehring M-D’48 P’73

Victoria and Duane Mellema P’20

4 Maria Mendoza P’18

11 Karen L. and Peter J.F. Metcalf P’10

20 Sarah Metzger P’82

30+ Margaret Hill ’53 and Kenneth J. Meyer ’53 P’77

2 Roberta M. Meyers and Thom B. Miranda P’19

16 Susan and William D. Miller P’93

30+ Linda Harris ’79 and Larry T. Mimms P’12 §

3 Karie and Mark Mindock P’18

15 Anne Miner P’05 §

16 Becky L. and Steven L. Mischka P’04

3 Carlene and Michael Mogavero P’14

17 Joan E. Mohan P’99

4 Cathleen A. Monfred P’14

2 Susan M. Monson P’19

8 Luz N. Rivera-Montes and Chester A. Montes P’11

15 Holly N. and James W. Moore P’03

8 Katherine L. and William M. Moore P’99

2 Patricia Y. Morales-Martinez and Mauricio Cornish-Gonzalez P’17

17 Susan C. and Richard F. Moran P’00

2 Cathlyn Z. and John S. Morrell P’17

7 Karen J. and Kelly T. Morrison P’14

5 Beverly Mosley P’16

Pamela Moy and Eric Shimabukuro P’20

Melinda A. and Eric G. Mueller P’20

9 Laura F. and Philipp Muessig P’09

23 Nancy and John H. Munch P’97

12 Patricia L. Murphy P’08

Sheridan Murphy P’18

7 Astrid E. Murre P’12

2 Laura Nadelhoffer and Vladimir Seizovic P’16

2 Allison K. Nagel and Mark B. Penniman P’19

22 Linda and Richard V. Naidl P’97

15 Vivian C. Nash P’01

10 Nancy J. Newton and Graham Holmes P’11

Mollie and Stephen Nichols P’20

9 Arthur M. North ’51

2 Janet Abendroth and James North P’18

2 Martyn Noss P’19

9 Lynn M. Novotnak and Dennis A. Jacobsen P’12

20 Carolyn Reed Obremski P’91

5 Jan and Philip J. O’Donnell P’14

2 Charlene A. and Christopher Corey Olsen P’19

5 Cyd and Allan R. Olson P’16

3 Nancy E. Ortega and Joel R. Wells IV P’17

Patrice M. and Richard P. Padilla P’20

5 Vicky L. Padway P’11

20 Carole Wolsey ’90 and Todd A. Pankow ’89 P’17

30+ Marcia Glidden ’66 and Thomas D. Parker ’65 P’95 ’93 ’91

Cameron M. Parkhurst P’20

2 Christina A. and Oswald Pasquesi P’17

30+ Charlotte and John F. Patterson P’76

9 Lindsey and John Pauly P’12

7 Margo S. and Jeffrey L. Peckham P’12 ‡

10 Linda O. and Thomas F. Peeters P’02

11 Greta Larson ’90 and Van L. Pell P’19

5 Cressa K. and John M. Perish P’12

7 Erica Perl and George Socha, Jr. P’13

13 Maralyn J. Perron P’08

2 Patricia J. and David R. Perry P’13

17 Janet and Larry Peterson P’04

6 Judy E.W. and Brian A. Peterson P’10

20 Mary Ellen and Robert A. Peterson P’00

10 Gregory A. ’90 and Nancy J. Petit P’19 ’18

30+ Greg C. ’78 and Julie Pettigrew P’15

30+ Elaine and Burt Phelps P’81 ’76

18 Nancy and James A. Pirkl P’92

Angela Pisano and Mohammad Hayat P’20

13 Maria Cotera ’81 and William Neil Platt P’11 ’08

3 Julie E. Poling P’16

Carol Pope and Kenneth Karstens P’19

23 James T. Poulos P’97

8 Ellen J. Powell and Bruce F. Graves P’12

30+ Edith Pride P’79

6 Mary T. and Christopher M. Priebe P’14

17 Janet A. and David R. Primus P’04 ‡

3 Pamela J. Pritchard and David Klick P’17

30+ Dorothy L. ’79 and Mark E. Prouty ’80 P’07 ’05

5 Elisabeth and Michael Psarouthakis P’15

2 Sharon K. Puskar P’18

Bette L. Quade P’20

30+ Charlotte W. Quaintance P’80

18 Patricia Holt M-D’52 and Charles E. Quentel III P’83 ’83

2 Julie L. and Michael J. Rabideau P’19

Lori and Christopher Rabideau P’18 ‡

12 Margaret J. Radin and Phillip Russell Coonce P’06

Sumita Ram P’19

26 Margaret and Douglas M. Ransom P’95

2 Karen M. and Peter C. Rantis, Jr. P’17

3 Mary Rauen and Michael A. Weinberg P’14

5 Kim Ray and Peter A. Dammann P’16

Aimee Orkin-Raymond and Michael J. Raymond P’20

Susan M. and Michael R. Reading P’18

22 Connie Reed P’79

30+ Ann W. and James S. Reeve II ’62 P’95

2 Jody K. Reichel and Albert J. Courey P’19

2 Pamela K. Reister and Rodney C. Johnson P’17

5 Arden Rice P’15

30+ William J. Richards ’60 P’95

2 Maureen A. Richnak and Lawrence E. Singer P’19

10 Catherine M. and David M. Richter P’12

13 Erica J. Richter and David G. McNellis P’08

6 Linda Rich Wanerman and Robert E. Wanerman P’11

30+ Lorraine Schkeeper Riebel ’72 P’07

28 Sharon Doerfler Riehle ’55 P’85

Jennifer J. Riggle P’20

2 Julie A. and Randy J. Ristow P’17

26 Diane and Arnold P. Ritzinger P’93

18 Julia A. Roberts ’81 P’17 ’09

13 Ann C. Roddy and Paul M. Marinac P’08

18 Barbara N. and Joseph A. Rodriguez P’02

18 Jean G. and Mark J. Rohloff P’85 ’82

Veronica Solis-Rohr and Charles L. Rohr, Jr. P’19

5 Julie A. Roin and Saul Levmore P’16

4 John E. Rosche P’13

2 Keith R. Rose ’01 and Jodi L. Follina Rose P’20

11 Nancy L. and Timothy L. Rose P’09

30+ R. Paul ’52 and Nancy Dammann Rosenheimer P’87

3 Audree C. and Anthony W. Rowe P’17

2 Patty Ruan P’17

21 Paulina and Daniel E. Rubschlager P’01

24 Kaye + and George W. Running P’96

8 Maryanne and Daniel Rusinak P’10

30+ Nancy Johnson ’73 and Stephen C. Russell P’01

28 Ned ’72 and Raida Sahar P’08 ’06

2 Val A. and Richard L. Saiz P’19

24 Susan and Carl D. Salek P’95

3 Emanuele Salvia P’17

2 Diane and Steven M. Sandacz P’19

Laurie A. Sauer and Joel A. Ward P’17

13 Linda S. and Richard J. Sawinski P’99

8 Jane E. and Kevin M. Schaaf P’10

10 Deborah R. Schauffler P’10

3 Robin Schirmer and John Bouman P’15

3 Michelle L. and Troy Schliesman P’18

17 Bradley D. Schmidt P’04

3 Dona K. and James J. Schmitt P’15

4 Veda M. and William G. Schmitt P’13

Megan and Greg L. Scholl P’16

6 April Oja ’77 and John A. Scholtz P’16

30+ Barbara Lucas ’52 and Francis + N. Scholtz ’49 P’78

6 Charles E. ’11 and Deborah Schroeder P’19

26 Ellen Kaltenthaler ’79 and Nathan E. Schroeder P’09

3 Catherine H. and Jeffrey G. Schubert P’17 ‡

30+ Mary Schultz P’85

3 Lisa A. Schutta P’17

6 Sharon I. Schwab and Greg W. Dahl P’14

3 Sylvia E. Schwarz and Nadim A. Shamat P’13

30+ Inez and Lyall A. Schwarzkopf P’84

2 Catherine Scott and Philip Jamison P’16

18 Paul Scott P’02

3 Sandra J. Scott P’18

6 Julie P. and Jorge P. Seidel P’13

7 Margaret L. Seiler and Leonard Melnick P’14

Jon T. Senderling P’20

10 Patricia K. and Stanley E. Senner P’11

Ruth M. Serrano P’20

5 Lou Anne and Timothy S. Sexton P’15

30+ Rosann Heinritz Sexton ’56 P’87 ’80

18 Ruth E. Sezer P’99

Nicole Shannon P’20

3 Kathleen Sheehan and Gregory Schrobilgen P’18 ‡

18 Linda J. Sheffler ’78 and John D. Thompson ’77 P’12

9 LuAnn L. Sheldon and Reinhardt A. Rosson P’12

24 Karen Stoakes ’64 and William W. Shields ’66 P’92

8 Nancy M. and Michael J. Shinners P’08

2 Angie C. and Randy J. Shoaf P’19

Jill K. and Geoffrey J. Shuger P’19

30+ Ann and Frank C. Sidles P’85

2 Carolyn J. and Jerry A. Simmons, Jr. P’19

Kelly M. and Patrick Sims P’20

9 Lisa H. and Paul S. Sivanich P’10 ‡

14 Sheridan R. Skeen P’00

30+ Roberta and Kevin F. Sliwinski P’87

6 Anna K. Smillie and Daniel W. Hungerford P’12

4 Barbara S. and Douglass C. Smith P’17

6 Cynthia A. Smith P’12

30+ Janet Marks ’64 and Carol J. Smith P’90

2 Leroy Smith P’17

9 Mary Clare R. and Scott F. Smith P’12

13 Mary R. and Edward J. Smrecek P’00

30+ Carolyn Peterson Sneed ’54 P’79

2 Bridgette D. Snell P’19

18 Mary L. Snyder P’03

12 Katherine S. Sokolnikoff and Richard J. Haas P’08

30+ Ivan N. Spangenberg ’54 P’90

30+ Mary Hadley ’57 and Charles J. Speerschneider P’81

16 Mary Clare and Paul B. Stalp P’01

5 Victoria and Timothy Stalsberg P’16

6 Lynne Marie Stapleton P’13

2 Alice and Karel Starek P’19

16 Sara K. and William E. Stark P’05

5 Phyllis M. Genest-Stein and Richard L. Stein P’10

8 Sue M. and Jack J. Stein P’13

3 Lauren and David R. Stephani P’18

30+ Carolyn King M-D’62 and John A. Stephens P’91 ’87 §

10 Victoria E. Sterzick P’08

Brian Stevens P’20

2 Michelle and Christopher J. Stevens P’19

30+ Martha Kreher ’78 and Bradley Stevenson ’79 P’07

5 Neele-Banks and Matthew M. Stichnoth P’11

16 Ann Elizabeth and Ray Glenn Stoner P’02

4 Janice L. and James H. Stoner, Jr. P’08

22 Joyce M. Stout P’86

17 Margaret Nielsen Strass ’55 P’89 ’85

13 Kathleen and Gregory Strasser P’05 ’04

4 Shelly L. Strom P’17

14 Virginia and Wayne Strong P’06

2 Lynn Stuckey P’16

5 Imogene A. Stulken and Bruce E. Brolsma P’15

23 Susan Hardy ’74 and Ralph P. Suechting ’72 P’08

15 Sandra K. and Steven R. Sunde P’01

7 Linda K. Sussman P’12

30+ Marjorie Laupp ’59 and Robert W. Swain ’59 P’82

15 Linda A. and Peter M. Swanlund P’06

Kjersten A. and William K. Swanson P’18

30+ Curtis Swenson P’86 ’81

2 Julie A. and Ronald S. Swidler P’19

2 Rebecca Swingle and Richard B. Combs P’18

30+ Clarice L. Swisher P’88

5 Valerie Perkins-Swords and Mark Swords P’19 ’16

Ann B. and Gines P. Tan P’19

24 Olivia and Charles L. Tarleton III P’94 ’91

Nanelle D. Taylor P’20

19 Tammy J. Teschner ’87 and Patxi Delgado Rodriguez P’20

Amy L. and Douglas K. Tessman P’17

3 Sharon K. and Tyler G. Thayer P’13

20 Robert W. ’74 and Pamela Thickens P’06

11 Gloria and Robert Thorne P’97

5 Lisbeth T. Thornton P’14

4 Karin P. and Douglas B. Thurlow P’15

3 Laura L. and Curtis L. Tiano P’15

30+ Paige and Benjamin C. Tilghman, Jr. ’65 P’99

30+ Ann Uber ’64 and Bob Tirk ’65 P’96

Marcy A. Tobias P’19

Lisa M. and Jason W. Torgerson P’20

22 Carol Torresani P’82

30+ Leah and William E. Totzke P’82

16 Karen A. and Mickey D. Towns P’03

30+ Mary Campbell ’75 and Daniel J. Toycen ’73 P’10

Wendy L. and Paul Traeger P’20

13 Pamela K. and Thomas E. Truesdell P’07

5 Nancy and Lawren M. Tucker P’14

Rebecca J. Tucker and Scott R. Bauer P’20

30+ Donald E. ’61 and Carol Tyriver P’91

30+ Marcia Rivenburg Tyriver ’62 P’91

30+ Barbara von Behren ’67 and Bob + Uhlman P’98

14 Donna Koudelik ’84 and Gregory L. Uselmann ’82 P’14

4 Roger Valente P’16

3 Elizabeth and Joseph Valentin P’18

2 Elizabeth and Michael K. Van Asten P’18

25 Barbara ’81 and Mark N. Van De Laarschot P’07 ‡

15 Peggy V. and Scott K. VanDenBerg P’06

10 Linda S. Vanden Heuvel and Daniel R. Dineen P’07

20 Constance Pfitsch ’72 and Thomas A. Vanderhyden ’70 P’07

Yia and Som Vang P’17

11 Sheila M. and Steven P. Van Lankvelt P’10

30+ Barbara Amend ’63 and Robert E. Van Metre P’94

3 Scott K. Van Why P’19

14 Lynn and Dan Van Zeeland P’13

Erlinda Z. and Gil Velasquez P’17

4 Leslie Marquardt-Vidas Vidas ’99 P’08

11 Susan K. and Dale J. Vodehnal P’08

30+ Mary Taylor ’82 and Donald C. Vogel, Jr. P’18 ’14 ’12

16 Anne Verlie ’69 and John R. Vollbrecht P’97

14 Joan K. Von Ohlen P’03

25 Donald L. ’55 and Lenore Lundberg Vorpahl P’90 ’88 ’86

3 Debra and William Waldner P’14

15 Sarah Walgenbach P’03

18 Judith A. and Phillip L. Walkenhorst P’98

Christine T. and Robert F. Ward P’20

2 Shari E. and Thomas E. Warwick P’17

10 Andrea R. and Michael P. Waxman P’11

30+ Wilburn J. ’59 and Carol Weber P’83 §

14 Cathy and Steve Weber P’05

30+ Suzanne Faber Weber ’58 P’90

30+ Dorothy M. Weedman P’80

18 Lisa Neuman ’59 and Philip Weiner P’83

28 Anne Duncan-Welke ’79 and Darrell D. Welke P’12 ’09

2 Ann Wennerstrom and Andrew Siegel P’14

30+ Mary Prince Wensing ’62 P’93

Elise and Paul Werger P’19

Miriam R. and David R. West P’19

9 Katharine J. Westerberg and John S. Clark P’12

5 Miren B. Westerhaus and Warren L. Clark P’16

4 Elissa and Adam Whiteman P’19 ’16

10 Andrew H. Whitmore P’08

7 Rebecca A. and Michael L. Wiese P’08

30+ Beverly Socha ’54 and Harris H. Wilke P’80

29 Billie Ann and Sam K. Williams P’91

Debra J. Williams and Lanier S. Cauley, Jr. P’18

30+ Muriel Braaten Williams ’44 P’76

19 Mary T. Winze P’94

2 Roxana Z. and Joel H. Witter P’17

30+ Marlene and Allan G. Wohlers P’80

2 Brigid and Robert Wolff P’18

Roger B. Wolkoff P’17

22 Leon Wool P’89 ’88

19 Shirley and George C. Woolley, Jr. P’99

Nili and William T. Wronski P’20

2 Susan and Rolf Wulfsberg P’19

25 Judith and Robert R. Wurdinger P’92

12 Laurie L. Yingling P’20

3 Margaret A. and Ken York P’17

30+ Joyce M. Young ’78 and Mark E. Bunke ’78 P’14 ’09

2 Lynne S. and Stuart E. Young, Sr. P’19

Linda and Jeff Younger P’16

6 Mary E. Younggren and Joseph L. Silitz P’11 ’11

15 Lori Kraft ’88 and John W. Zalewski ’87 P’18 ’14

2 Marianne Zarkin and Brian Scott P’16

25 Phyllis J. Zeiss P’89 ’85

Adela and Julio F. Zelaya P’20

2 Wenhong Zhang and Tiansheng Liang P’19

22 Charlene and John W. Zimmerman P’96

Paula A. and Gifford R. Zimmerman P’20

30+ Robert L. ’63 and Sally Zimmerman P’92

19 Kimberly Bernsten ’85 and Kevin J. Zlevor ’85 P’13

2+ Cumulative years of giving
+ Deceased
‡ Matching gift
§ Legacy Circle

These listings reflect contributions received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.