Lawrence-Downer Legacy Circle Members


Deborah Burns Fox and Jeffrey Fox smiling

"When we are asked to describe our Lawrence education, the word 'preparation' comes immediately to our minds. In our academic courses, in the relationships built with professors and fellow students, we were prepared for our life after Lawrence. Participating in extracurricular activities completed the holistic experience we shared. At this stage of life, we happily reflect on our family and our careers as hallmarks of our success and are grateful for the opportunities and challenges that Lawrence provided. We feel it is imperative for us to invest in Lawrence so that future generations of Lawrentians will successfully move on after Lawrence equally well-prepared.”
Deborah Burns Fox '73 and Jeffrey Fox '72

Lawrence-Downer Legacy Circle members

Irmtrud M. Labant-Adams and Allen D. Adams P’03
Elizabeth B. Adler M-D’40 +
Sara Schmidt Agritelley ’83
Scott W. Alexander ’71 and Collins Mikesell
Elise Epps Allen ’83 and Bruce Frankenfield
Erin Smrz Alonso ’94
Barbara Bear ’53 and W. Dean Alseth
Kenneth M. Alvord ’07
Deanne L. Amaden ’78 and Ibrahim J. Uckung
Anne Lackie Andersen ’50 P’77
Joan Pfarr ’87 and James S. Anderson
Joan Timmermann Anderson ’56
Edith G. Andrew P’88
Robert A. ’64 and Patricia Anker
Suzanne Detry Arendt ’70
Connie Arnosti P’84 ’82 ’79
David H. ’65 and Nancy K. Aronson
Bradford P. Aspgren ’84
Marilyn M. Auer
Nikoma L. Baccus ’07
Karen Henderson Bachhuber ’68 P’94
Mary Dercks ’92 and John A. Bachhuber ’94
Carole Zinn ’64 and Richard C. Badger
William J. Baer ’72 and Nancy H. Hendry
Jeffrey C. Ballowe ’77
David W. ’65 and Cynthia M. Barnard
Betty Heistad Barrett M-D’55
Jon P. Barsanti ’87
Lois Schneeberger Barton ’54
Joan Peerenboom Bartosic
John B. ’71 and Jane Bassett
Paul B. Bauck ’70 and Jean H. Sullivan
Jonathan W. ’83 and Rachel Bauer
John D. Bauerlein ’61
David R. Bauman ’97
Priscilla Larsen ’66 and Anthony D. Beadell ’66
Bryan B. Beauchamp ’90
John J. ’60 and Barbara J. Beck
Carolyn Stickney ’65 and Hayward J. Beck ’65
Jill and Robert Beck
William E. Beringer ’50
Barbara L. Bessey
Peter R. ’64 and Susan B. Betzer
Mitchell T. Biba ’83 P’11
Angela M. Bier ’98
Elizabeth Freeman ’05 and Jeffrey S. Billings ’03
Sally Bissell
Mary Trautmann Bloede ’48
Luann Picchietti ’82 and David C. Blowers ’82
Ellen Barber Boeye ’56 P’81
Joel D. ’98 and Tracy Bogenschuetz
Patricia Hamar ’48 and Oscar C. Boldt
Renee Goral ’85 and Thomas J. Boldt
Gordon R. Bond ’65
Laura R. Bornhoeft ’76
Barbara L. Borns M-D’62
Kathleen Ramer ’57 and Robert K. Bourne
Jeffrey ’60 and Shirley Bowen
Amy Haegele ’01 and Reid C. Bowers ’00
Chris A. ’70 and Joan Bowers
Erin McCarthy ’06 and Christopher W. Bowman ’06
Richard N. Boya ’52 P’82
Joanne H. and Kenneth W. Bozeman P’05
Earl F. Bracker ’56 and Paula S. Christman-Bracker
Karen Foster Brassfield ’69
Kay Dobberke ’80 and Thomas C. Brauer ’80
Alan G. Braun ’69
Roy S. Brayton ’72 and Michael G. Sullivan
Chad E. Brecke ’94
Stephanie Brecke
Peter S. ’89 and Joanna S. Bredlau
Mark D. Breseman ’78 and Jane Hillstrom P’14
Steven A. Brezinski ’78
Joseph Brooks ’03
Annette Archambeau Brower ’73
Betty Domrose Brown M-D’47 P’78
David L. Brown ’69
James A. Brown ’75
Judith Reeves Brown ’71
M. Linda Brown ’70 and Richard A. Candee, Jr. ’70
Nancy Fitzgerald Brown ’75
Karen L. Bruno ’92 and Mark C. Scheffler ’91
Anne Sexton Bryan ’80
Kathleen A. Bublitz ’82 and Joseph Vercellone
Bonnie Glidden ’62 and Robert C. Buchanan ’62 P’94
Marjorie Iwen Buckley ’44
Philip J. Burck ’58
Peggy L. Buresh ’64
Mary Hamilton Burns ’62
William Wesley Burrington ’84
Mark Burstein and David Calle
Allyson Butler ’84
Carolyn Weygandt ’77 and Mark Buzek
Frederick H. Byergo III ’62
Odalys P. and Richard Campagna P’04
Sarah Johnson ’97 and Benjamin C. Campbell ’97
Mary L. Carlson-Mason ’72 and Russell G. Mason, Jr.
Margaret Carroll ’61
Thomas B. Cartwright ’75
Donald L. Cass, Jr. ’64
Ross W. Catterton ’08
Jacklyn Anderson ’58 and David R. Challoner ’56 P’82
Colleen Schmechel Chambers M-D’51
Ashley N. Champaign ’10
Boris E. Cherney ’46
G. Craig ’71 and Debra A. Christensen
Erin Haight ’00 and Joshua Chudacoff ’99
Jo Ann Nelson ’61 and Dan M. Church
Charles S. ’55 and June Cianciola
Michael P. Cisler ’78 P’06
Alissa Joseph ’98 and Louis Clark ’98
Ann Cerny Clark ’66
Gene Redding Clark ’64
Jerome R. Clifford ’68 and Bijian Fan
Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak ’55 +
Bliss Paul ’91 and Paul M. Cohen
Kären Zoerb Cohen ’80 P’18
Elizabeth Cole ’63 and Peter Newman
Frank W. ’57 and Janet L. Cole P’82
Claire A. Conard ’14
Edward C. Conrads ’50
Arlyne Gutmann ’69 and M. Stephen Cook
Cynthia A. and David M. Cook
Elizabeth Schlenk Cook M-D’53 +
Cynthia Furber ’53 and William W. Cooley ’52
David F. Cosgrove ’43
Anne Woodbridge Coventry ’95
Richard M. Cowett ’64 P’91
Shirley Fox ’45 and Robert G. Cuff
Cassie A. and Michael Curry
Susan A. Curry
Kristine Sodergren ’66 and Robert C. Dahlberg ’66
Lorene Metzler Damewood M-D’59
Virginia Danielson ’71
Daniel J. ’77 and Carrie Dauner
Lynn D. Davis ’72
Robert C. Davis III ’74
Ellen J. Dehm ’83 and Catherine M. Adler
Rolf + F. ’57 and Mary Lee Dehmel
Robert J. ’74 and Deborah DeKoch
Robert A. ’58 and Deloris A. De Lapp
Kimberly Fukuda ’95 and Terry J. Dembroski ’96
K. Ann Dempsey ’59
Mary Ross Denison
Julie Davis ’63 and Henry S. Dennis
J. B. deRosset ’66
Ann S. Derse ’81
Elizabeth Dugan ’83 and Bart T. De Stasio ’82 P’17 ’12
George Th. Diamandopoulos ’51
Carol Stoneman Dibble ’74
Robert A. Dickens ’63
Lawrence C. Dickmann ’64
Jennifer Dieter ’03
Kelly R. Dirkman ’10
Peter R. Dohr ’57
Beryl Manly Doyle M-D’51
Letha E. Dreyfus ’63 and George H. Walser
Dorothy Zygmunt M-D’55 and Bob Drowns
Robert J. ’64 and MaryAnn Dude P’03 ’99
Dale L. Duesing ’67
Stephen J. Dufresne ’78
Jessica M. Dukelow ’02
Joshua R. Dukelow ’02
James Duncan-Welke ’09 and Joshua Weiss
Janet Goode Durham-Gard ’47
Jewel Verhulst Dyer ’46 P’82 ’70 +
M. John Dyrud ’57
R. Eric Dyrud ’67
Nancy A. Eckardt ’82
R. William Edminster ’77
Jeffrey S. Edwards ’78 P’13
William T. Eggbeer ’76 P’95
Alan A. ’55 and Ramona Ehrhardt
Robert C. ’48 and Wanda Lee Eisenach
Louise Eklund +
John H. Ellerman ’58
Susan Herr ’62 and Charles M. Engberg ’62 P’92 ’89
Arlene Atwood Trettin Engler ’61
Chuck Erickson ’02
Ralph H. Erickson ’54
Cynthia L. Estlund ’78 and Samuel Issacharoff
Margaret Everist ’70
Deborah Jervis ’82 and Dean C. Fabritz
Joan E. Farrell ’45
Richard J. ’79 and Nancy S. Faust
Janice Juve ’50 and Robert + J. Felker ’50 P’85
Fritz ’65 and Lynn Fett
Judith Walsh ’59 and James L. Fetterly ’58
Rachel E. Finger ’51
Kay Landon Finke ’63
Davis L. Fisher ’64
Megan Meyerhofer Fitzsimmons ’06
Marijean Meisner Flom ’50 P’83 ’75
James S. ’74 and Margaret Forbush
Deborah Burns ’73 and Jeffrey A. Fox ’72
David ’65 and Marsha C. Foxgrover
Rose and LeRoy Frahm
Terry ’68 and Mary A. Franke
Tamika Watson ’05 and Byron D. Franklin
Evalyn Wiley ’69 and David E. Frasch ’69 P’96
Martha E. Freitag ’73
William J. ’69 and Sandy French P’90
Anne Sturgeon Frenchick ’73 and Theodore M. Thompson
Grady J. Frenchick ’72
Jule Horschak Friar ’49
Robert R. Fritz ’49
Thomas F. Froehlich ’74
Donald K. Funayama ’56
Mary Futchik
Craig L. ’76 and Ann Gagnon
John D. Gale ’03 and Autumn Quinn
James Gandre ’81
Zoe Ganos M-D’55
Suzanne Munro Gardner ’68
Richard W. ’55 and Marci Gast
Margaret LaVelle Gater ’85
Al Gephart ’63 and Betsy Wells-Gephart
Beth A. Giese
Andrew C. Gilboy ’67
Cynthia Libbey ’73 and John D. Gilpin ’72
Donna Zizek Given ’54
Anne Skinner Glad ’73
Bonny Emdin ’76 and Russell D. Glisker
Lynne Goeldner ’72 P’07 ’02
Douglas G. Gold ’75
Janet Tippet Goldsmith ’50
Susan Nelson ’65 and Richard N. Goldsmith ’64
Barbara Douglas Good ’79
Cara and Jeff Gosse
David B. Gottesman ’96
Marla McCarty Gousseff M-D’58
Martin A. Gradman ’62
Jolie J. Graf ’97
Laura Grafman
Stephen ’69 and Marjorie M. Graham
Sharon Lawrence ’65 and William P. Gralow ’64
John L. Grandin III ’67
Martin L. ’62 and Carolyn J. Green
Joseph Green III ’86
Sheri L. Greenberger ’80
Elaine M. and Paul M. Greene
Phyllis Weikart Greene M-D’47
Jane Paulson ’69 and David H. Gregerson ’67 P’97
Mary Lamers ’50 and F. James Grist ’50
Margaret Link ’54 and Edward L. Grosse ’54
Martha Nelson ’03 and Mark A. Growdon ’03
Linda C. and Gerard Grzyb
Carol Haack
Christopher M. ’04 and Tiffany Hachfeld
Patricia Hackworthy P’89
Joan Spickard ’51 and A. Jack Hafner ’50
Lynn Semple Hagee ’58
Denise Dyer ’70 and Richard O. Haight ’71 P’00
Karen Lutz ’81 and Don G. Hallacy
Patricia + Hammel ’50 and Laurence C. Hammond, Jr. ’51
Susan E. Hanna ’75 and Richard H. Hearn ’75
G. Eric Hansen ’61
D. Kenneth Harbinson, Jr. ’54
Lynn Pechman Hardin ’64
Donna Gresser ’83 and James L. Harper, Jr. ’83
Seth Harris ’01
Jerome F. Hart ’55
David S. Hathaway ’57 +
Kate E. Hatlak ’08
David K. Haugland ’73
David A. Heller ’81
Beverly Becker Henderson ’56
Christopher R. ’99 and Jen Henderson
Lisa Reese ’74 and Andy Hendrickson
Beth Johnson ’75 and Donald J. Henrich ’73 P’05
Pamelia Anderson Henriksen ’45
Kathryn C. Henry-Choisser ’81
Richard F. ’79 and Carol M. Herndon
Elaine Herr
Eileen Neau Herrling ’66
Daniel P. Hertel ’09
Jeanette Schmidt M-D’60 and John + Hess
Margy Ziman ’70 and Karl A. Hickerson ’70
Franklin J. ’49 and Carolyn L. Hill
Linda Ericson ’77 and David F. Hill ’78
Bonnie Bryant Hiller ’68
Patricia and Stephen A. Hirby
Carol Balkin ’68 and Kenneth Hirsch
Marcia and J. Michael Hittle
Amy Hockenberger ’91 and Karl A. Hochkammer ’92
William O. ’66 and Marcia Hochkammer P’92
Catheryn E. Hoehn ’64
Arnold Hoffe
David L. Hoffman ’57 P’94 ’92
Norman D. Holman ’69
Philip C. Homes ’57
Wendy Walter ’62 and Joseph + A. Hopfensperger ’52 P’93
Jane Shonts Horstman ’54
Sally Horstman
Kristin M. Howard ’90
Heather Humbert ’98
Charles F. Hunter ’83
Joan Miller Hunting ’50
Calvin D. Husmann
Linda Strane ’64 and Howard H. Hutchinson ’64
Barbara Brunswick Ingrams ’53
Marjory Irvin
Barbara Ives ’64 and Walter J. Isaac ’64 P’88
Elisabeth Foulke ’48 and Donald F. Jabas ’50
Paul J. Jackson ’49
Joan Poppert Jacobs M-D’53
Peggy Johnson ’52 and Peter C. Jacobs ’52
Jon L. Jacobson ’55
Gretchen L. Jahn ’73 and Karl Sutterfield
Margaret Tifft ’71 and James R. Janis
Julie Jansen Kraemer ’80 and Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr. ’77 P’13 ’10
Susan E. Jasin ’69
Jean P. Jepson ’62 P’89 ’84
Richard S. Jerde ’73
Betty M. John ’53
Bridget Reak Johnson ’76
David C. Johnson ’57
Ronald C. ’57 and Susan A. Johnson
Kimberley Geiser Jolley ’00
Kim Hiett Jordan ’58
Mary Donn ’73 and Harold E. Jordan ’72
Beverly Pearson Joutras ’49
Sue Pepper Joys M-D’51
Adom Kuehl ’07 and Dorian S. Juarez ’08
Laura Mueller Just ’73
Nancy Habetler Kaliebe M-D’63 P’90
Susan Stillman ’72 and John C. Kane, Jr.
Lorraine Kaplan
Theodore M. Katzoff ’65
Earl B. Kavanaugh ’03
Ann Leverenz ’64 and Jon C. Keckonen ’64 P’91
Matthew J. Kehrein ’98
Jeffrey M. ’90 and Arianna K. Keil
Carolyn Martin ’70 and Elbridge G. Keith ’69
Peter G. Kelly ’87
Chad K. ’90 and Kelly Marie Frank Kemnitz
Katherine M. Kendall
Roger P. Kennedy ’54
Eleanor Kerlow ’81
Kay S. Kerst M-D’56
Mollie Herzog Keys ’64
Anne Wolfe King ’76 P’17
Stephanie A. Kliethermes ’07
Cindy Hoffman ’91 and David N. Knapp ’89
David Knickel ’50
Christine Grupe Knutson ’68
Jeannine Krantz Koessel ’51
Jennifer Foth Konyn ’03
Rob and Cheryl Wilson Kopecky ’72
Carol L. Korda ’71 and Bruce R. Dalgaard
Althea Hunting Kortenhof ’51 P’80 ’78
Elizabeth Shoemaker ’82 and Michael H. Kortenhof ’80 P’20 ’18
Donald S. Koskinen ’50 +
Ann Lapham Kramer ’54 P’84
Stephanie E. Kramer ’08
Cameron D. ’02 and Carrie Burgener Kramlich
Nancy Brazeau Kreher ’75
Alexander M. Kronick ’94
Patrick R. ’66 and Pamela P. Kroos
Margaret L. Krueger
Kerry A. Kruk ’98
Nancy Butler ’75 and Richard A. Kuhn ’74
Elizabeth Kortenhof ’78 and Steven C. Kumbalek ’78 P’19 ’13
Linda M. Laarman ’73
Elizabeth Tretow LaGro ’76
Kristen Olson ’73 and Ronald B. Lahner ’73
Bonnie R. Laird ’64
Robert E. Lakemacher, Jr. ’55
Steven E. Landfried ’66
Bob Landis ’62
Susan Bohlmann ’68 and Richard J. Lapato
Marion White Lardner ’53
Barbara Donahue Larsen ’49
Beverly J. Larson ’83 and Gary Watros
Arnold W. Lau ’81
Curtis G. Lauderdale ’01
Gregory Trimper Lee ’92
Sarah E. Leet ’05
Marian L. Leman ’49
Mary Severson ’58 and Raymond Lewis
John B. Liebenstein ’59 P’83
Meg Hoppe ’85 and Gregory P. Linnemanstons ’80
Nathan P. Litt '08
Adam E. Locke ’03
Alice Pommerenke Locklin P’74 ’71
Mary C. Lofgren P’93 ’93
Barbara M. Lom ’89
Bruno F. Lucht
Ruth-Marie Dewald ’46 and Paul J. Lucht
Ann M. Lutz P’81 ’75
D. Michael Lynn ’65
Joni G. MacDonald ’73 and Raye C. Kanzenbach ’71
Harry N. MacLean ’64
Todd A. ’79 and Debra R. Mahr P’09
Gayatri Malhotra ’14
Phyllis Peter-Mallard ’73 and Stephen W. Mallard
Julie A. Manning ’78
Stacy J. Mara
Gretchen Wilterding Maring ’52
Daniel E. Martin ’07
  Andrea Matthias ’62
Nancy J. Mattson ’76
Phillip T. May, Jr. ’57
Philip ’55 and Susan Mayer
Mimi West McAdoo ’54
Kevin A. McCary ’88
Bonnie Maas McClellan M-D’62
Robert E. ’51 and Bonnie E. McCoy
Norah Barrett ’71 and Shawn L. McCue
Karen O'Keeffee McDonald ’64
Joan Swartzlow McDougal ’52
Audrey J. McGovern ’51
Thomas B. ’50 and Rusty McKenzie P’95 ’80
Roxane Fuller McLean ’63
Lara Weber ’99 and Ian A. McLellan ’98
Nancy C. McLoud M-D’53
Lois Lammers ’63 and Robert McNamara
Steven J. ’93 and Joviann Mech
James Meier
Kristen Mekemson
Elizabeth J. Mensing ’03
Marcia Duin Mentkowski M-D’61
Chuck ’57 and Barb Merry
Betty Thompson Messenger ’47
Margery Homfeld ’67 and Philip A. Metzger ’66 P’94
BZ Meyers
Andrew R. Miller ’00 and Diane Bartley
John E. Miller ’72
Linda Harris ’79 and Larry T. Mimms P’12
Anne Miner P’05
Tocher ’69 and Brenda C. Mitchell
David L. ’71 and Judith Bradley Mitchell
Marcia A. Mittelstadt ’73
Janet K. Modesitt ’65
Phillips M. Montross ’51 P’85
Anita Beltran Moore M-D’63
Helen Geyler Moore ’64 P’85
Barbara Anderson Morris ’56 P’84 +
Jack H. Morris ’60
Patricia Meenen ’55 and Charles D. Morris ’54
Lisa Miller ’84 and Richard A. Moser ’83 P’14 ’11
Kathleen Merley Moulin ’56
Rebecca Hauge Mubireek ’84
Florence Howe Munat ’69
Margaret Iten ’60 and John R. Murphy
Christopher W. Murray ’75
Scott D. ’79 and Luvie O. Myers
Patricia Phelps ’67 and Peter + Nash ’67
Janet Neese M-D’55
Janet Dolan Negronida ’58
Barbara Mosher Nelson ’50
Helen Barshell ’67 and Ned K. Nemacheck ’66
Cory L. ’92 and Michelle Nettles
Jaime Nodarse ’05
Robert A. Nordland ’66
Peter + G. ’52 and Carol Notaras
S. George Notaras ’53 +
Frederick R. ’65 and Sharon M. Olson
Patrice Skalko ’84 and David J. O’Morchoe ’83
MaryLou Lloyd ’61 and Kenneth L. Opgenorth
Kathleen Kosloske ’75 and Larry Orth
Carol Ann Schleger Ostrom ’59
Gayle Barenz Othen M-D’62
Mary R. Ottoson ’68
Delphine Joerns ’55 and James R. Overby ’55 P’90
Betsey L. Packard ’54
Robert Y. Paddock, Jr. ’67
Rudi Pakendorf
Virginia A. Palmer M-D’51 +
James L. Parker ’57
Overton B. Parrish, Jr. ’55
Earl J. Patterson ’76
Lee Galda Pellegrini ’67
Diane E. Pellowe ’87 and Richard I. Kaye
George L. Peltier ’67 P’92
Marshall H. Pepper ’54 +
Anne M. and Peter Neal Peregrine P’15
Amy Lind ’80 and Robert F. Perille ’80
Sonia Sandeen Perry ’50
Brian G. Pertl ’86 P’20 ’12
Janet Sygnator ’72 and Michael J. Peters
Ryan A. ’98 and Rebecca S.B. Petersen
Glen R. Peterson ’60
Dwight A. ’55 and Marjorie Peterson
Ralph E. Peterson ’54
Barbara Bradley ’65 and Richard C. Petura, Jr.
Elmer Pfefferkorn, Jr. ’54
Judith Johnson Phillips ’59
Gary A. Pines ’65
Clare E. Plehn ’66
Jean Reynolds Pooler ’53 P’77
Christopher J. ’74 and Margaret Porter
Cheryl A. Posner ’80
Mary H. Poulson
Douglas H. Powell ’56
Mary Jo Hibbert Powell ’75
Daniel L. Price ’99
Mary Beecher ’62 and Richard H. Price ’62
Joan Munson Prims ’53
Jeanne L. Bringgold-Pro ’77 and John D. Pro
Timothy I. Pruett ’76 +
Constance Clarke Purdum ’55 P’87
Elizabeth Davidson ’60 and Nathan M. Pusey, Jr. ’59
Ruth Legler M-D’55 and Angelo Qualich
Sara A. Quandt ’73 and Thomas A. Arcury
S. Holt Quentel ’83
Joan Radford
Elizabeth Sheridan ’84 and John W. Rammer
Susan Baker ’61 and Richard K. Ramsey ’60
John R. Ranck II ’76
James M. Rand ’77 P’06
Soozung Sa Rankin ’89
Julie Moore ’86 and Joseph L. Rapacki
Carl A. Rath ’75
Lois Beck ’67 and Edward Rath ’66
Michael L. Ratsch ’71
Charles E. ’72 and Mary E. Ray
Lynda A. Read ’80
Jody Koteski ’83 and Wayne F. Reckard
L. Keith Reed ’72
Margaret Phillips ’96 and James Spofford Reeve ’95
Mary Susanne Reeves ’76
Dorothy Hur ’58 and David E. Reilly ’57
June Jacobsen ’54 and Douglas M. Reimer ’55
Lysbeth Vaillancourt ’59 and James F. Reiskytl ’59
Samuel G. Remley ’43
David G. ’66 and Sara G. Rendall
Mary Restifo ’63
Alan C. Reynolds ’72
Betty Van Horne Richards ’48
Nancy A. Richards M-D’59
Sumner Richman P’86
Jone Bocher ’72 and Jeffrey D. Riester ’70
Karen L. Rigotti ’72
Carl T. Rinder ’73
Mary Maynard Rinder ’75
Barbara Paziouros ’97 and Jason E. Roberts ’97
Phyllis Anderson Roberts ’56 +
Andrea Powers ’94 and John Barron Robertson
Robert O. ’48 and Betty J. Robertson
Stephen M. Rodriguez ’02
Ann Spellman ’88 and Jonathan D. Roe ’87
Monica Wulf ’05 and Tomas L. Romano ’06
Julie Haight ’75 and Bernard F. Rose
James G. Rosenbaum ’70
Lisa Kanitz ’87 and Randy Roskom
Michael R. Rossmeier ’72
Marilyn Jelliffe Rothschild M-D’45
John S. ’79 and Paula M. Rowland
Sally Meyer Ruf P’88
Susan Conkey Running ’73
Jill McCormick ’67 and Richard J. Rupprecht P’98
Judy Bezanson Ruth ’64
Margaret Lessels ’66 and Russell Rutter ’64
Barbara Bennett Sackett ’56 P’87
Karen Pugh ’67 and Norman Bruce Sakura ’68
Katherine Haynsworth ’64 and David C. Samuelson
Pamela J. Sandborg ’85
Margaret Stalick ’70 and John A. Sanders ’68
Christopher P. Sarnowski ’85
Charles D. ’84 and Kazuko U. Saunders
Omer Sayeed ’87 and Choi Chatterjee
John R. Schade ’68 and Kirsten A. Nyrop
Janet Stenson Schaleger-Hirsch M-D’58
Thomas J. ’63 and Patricia Lovshin Schinabeck
Audrey Tangen Schlafke-Stelson ’57
JoAnn Staab ’60 and Karl J. Schmidt ’59
Marilyn Low Schmitt ’60
Jane McGroarty ’74 and Gregory K. Schneider ’73
Sarah E. Schott ’97
Donna Weltcheff Schroeder M-D’54 P’79
Mary Helscher ’62 and Russell Schuchmann
Ralph E. ’64 and Nancy L. Schuetz
Dale R. ’70 and Annette Schuh
Virginia Netz Schumann ’60
Abir Sen ’97
Mary B. and John S. Sensenbrenner
David R. ’85 and Laura M. Shepard P’13
R. Scott ’60 and Heidi Sherman
Linda Schleiter ’64 and James + N. Sherwood
Michael S. Sigman ’78
L. V. Silvester III ’71
Sung J. Sim
Charlot Nelson Singleton ’67 and Dennis E. Singleton
Donald A. Smart ’64 P’96
Keith G. Smedema ’81
Brian R. Smigelski ’84 and Barbara A. O’Brien
Alice Deswarte Smith ’62
Charlotte Jean Smith ’45
Gregory B. Smith ’59
Jane McCleneghan Smith ’68
Kelvin A. C. Smith ’84
Raymond A. Smith ’51
Robert A. Smith ’55
Sheryn Biegelaar Smith M-D’61
Mark E. Smrecek ’00
Peggy Hilton M-D’62 and Albert C. Snyder
Marion Longyear Sonderegger M-D’43 P’76
Theresa and Martin J. Spalding, Sr. ’50 P’76
Mary Reed ’78 and Andrew C. Spencer
Dana M. ’64 and Mary Ellen Spencer
Archan Jane Sramek ’72
Barbara J. Stack
Lyn L. Stark
Catherine A. Statz ’96 and Thomas J. Pamperin
Michael A. ’80 and Patricia Stein
Ruth L. Steiner ’79
Thomas A. ’62 and Joan Argetsinger Steitz
Susan Raben ’03 and James Stellmacher
Carolyn King M-D’62 and John A. Stephens P’91 ’87
Donna Fraider Stewart ’56
Cynthia Moeller Stiehl ’89
Jacob G. Stockinger, Jr. ’68
Jennifer Abolins Stone ’00
Brett H. Stousland ’91
Susan Brehm ’62 and Thomas C. Strachan III ’62
Zeta A. Strickland ’97
Mary White Stroebe ’40 +
Irene Ang ’78 and David T. Strohbeen
Donald + ’49 and Natalie Strutz
Richard T. ’65 and Ruth N. Stuart
Rebecca Devereux ’82 and Stephen G. Sullivan
Lyndsay A. Sund ’01
Avery J. Sundling ’98
Ellen Beaudreau Sushak ’69
Ronald M. Sushak ’70
Judy Huffman Sutherland ’58 P’88
Carol Adams ’57 and Frank + A. Svoboda ’55
William H. ’57 and Ruth Swanstrom
William A. ’70 and Mary H. Swendson
Diana Murray Swets ’75
Margaret L. Andrews and George S. Swope, Jr. ’72
Fran Syverson
Steven T. Syverson P’06
Judith Pauni Takkunen ’66
Andrea and Thomas W. Tatlock
Daniel J. ’63 and Donna Taylor
Daniel H. Teas II ’51 P’83 ’79
Steven D. Teget ’95
Catherine Coates ’80 and Henry Terwedow, Jr.
Jane E. Thessin ’80
Alison Osborne ’71 and Larry Thomas
Patricia Webb ’62 and Peter + J. Thomas ’62 P’92 ’87
John E. ’65 and Shari Thomas
Julie E. Thompson ’81 and Rick Davis ’80
Marilyn A. Thompson ’71
William R. Thompson ’50 +
Bruce A. ’62 and Patricia A. Thoms
James J. Thorpe ’76
Marguerite Brown Tibbetts ’44 P’71
Pamela L. Tibbetts ’71
Steve J. Tie Shue ’04
Lorna Tippet
Frank H. Tooby ’71
Bryan A. Torcivia ’81
Jen ’00 and Bradley W. Totoritis-Searl ’99
Heather B. Tower
Edward F. Treick ’61
Sumner T. Truax ’11
Margy Upton ’72 and R. Scott Trumbull
Paul L. ’59 and Civia M. Tuteur
Jason J. Valerius ’97
Jennifer Hair VanArsdale ’08
Elizabeth Godfrey ’98 and Brian P. VanDenzen ’99
Mary E. Van Gorden M-D’51
Thomas C. Van Housen ’51
Johnathan R. Vanko ’13
Carolyn Troup Atwood Van Laanen ’52
Nancy Brice Van Ry ’56
Marianne R. Varney ’71
Jane MacAskill ’62 and Francis R. Vaupel
Ellen Veed M-D’58
Janet Moats Veitch ’60
Christopher M. ’67 and Melinda Vernon
Carole Dugger Vessey
Christian Vogel ’63
C. Nicholas ’65 and Ene Vogel
Marjorie James von Tongeln M-D’43
Frederick S. Voss ’65
Stephanie Howard Vrabec ’80
Helen Bullard ’58 and John C. Wadman
Autumn M. Wagner P’12
Catherine S. Walby ’97
Jennifer Gilchrist Walker ’00
Darlene Verbrick ’64 and John D. Walsh ’64
Shane M. Walter ’95
Gwynn Williams Wardwell ’61
Catherine A. Watson ’70
Priscilla Peterson Weaver ’69
Richard K. ’57 and Carol Weber P’90
Herbert G. Weber ’63
Wilburn J. Weber ’59 P’83
Anne Macleod ’77 and James O. Weeks
David J. ’58 and Dorothy Wege
Martha Larson ’72 and Roger Lane Wells
Barbara Lieberum Westhofen M-D’57
Todd E. Wexman ’84 and Catherine Lorenz
Hester Wolfe White ’51
Joan Glasow White ’42
Judith Harris ’68 and H. Winsor Whiton ’67
Thomas P. Wick ’84
Sally Rosebush ’62 and Carey B. Wickland ’63
Marlene Crupi M-D’55 and Leonard A. Widen
Clay R. Williams ’57
Dakota Williams ’14
Elyn L. Williams ’43
Bruce A. Wilson ’81
Elizabeth A. Winter ’08
Laura Winterstein ’03
Karon Eltgroth ’63 and Jerold J. Winzenz
Susan Anderson ’70 and Erich P. Wise
Barbara Cook Wood M-D’48
Janice Pfaller ’75 and Charles E. Woodward ’75
Linda Durkin Worcel ’64
Jean Lampert ’65 and J. Richard Woy ’64
Margaret A. Wright ’69
Julie A. Wroblewski ’97
June Wrolstad +
George B. Wyeth ’73
Janine M. Yanisch ’87 and Christopher J. Jankowski ’84
Phyllis Spinner Yates ’61
Glen Y. ’77 and Nancy M. Yoshida
Eric A. Young ’80
Jiayi Ling Young ’94
Judith Stanfield ’70 and Timothy R. Young ’70 P’00
William H. Younger
John W. ’57 and Jeannie Yule
Jean M. Ziebell
Richard N. Zimman ’73 and Valerie L. Cox
Beth A. Zinsli ’02 and Brian Bushaw
Bill Zoellner ’93
Carol Yates Zuehlke ’56

+ Deceased

This listing reflects contributions received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.