Terra Winston ’00

Headshot of Terra WinstonAs a member of the Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors, Terra Winston ’00 has been a dedicated volunteer for Lawrence. Terra co-chairs the Awards Committee of the alumni board, which selects between five and seven Lawrentians to honor with an alumni award each year. Through her service on the alumni board, Terra has renewed her connection with Lawrence and helped to reconnect other alumni with the university. “I often say that my parents raised me, but I grew up at Lawrence. What I mean by this was that Lawrence was the place where I first pushed out of my comfort zone. I first traveled with Lawrence overseas and had to set up an apartment for myself. Lawrence was the first place where I learned about my voice and learned to advocate for myself and for others. It challenged me in a number of ways and really set me up for my current work. I volunteer with Lawrence because I want the current students to have a place that will both support them and challenge them in ways that will set them up for their futures.”