Mark Burstein, Linda Morgan-Clement, Katie Kodat, Ken Anselment, Lewis Berger and Chris Card sit on stage in academic regalia. President Mark Burstein, Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life Linda Morgan-Clement, Provost and Dean of the Faculty Catherine Kodat, Dean of Admissions Ken Anselment, President of the Lawrence University Community Council Lewis Berger '18 and Vice President for Student Life Christopher D. Card listen to students provide words of welcome in their native language during the President's Welcome.

Dear Lawrentians,

Your support in so many ways this past year means that Lawrence can continue to provide a transformative education for students from across the country and around the globe.

In this 2017 annual report, you can see the difference you have made. You helped us raise more than $18.4 million, our third-highest ever, including the second-most generous year ever for the Lawrence Fund ($3.8 million), and you supported the Full Speed to Full Need campaign way beyond our expectation. That support for Full Speed to Full Need means that in 2017-18, Lawrence is able to close the financial gap for 128 students with limited means as we continue the work to join the very small number of institutions around the country able to meet the full financial need of every student. 

The bright spots of 2016-17 extend far beyond dollars, however. Dave Burrows and Nancy Truesdell, who so ably served and stewarded the institution during their tenures, have taken on new challenges at Lawrence. We are so fortunate to welcome new colleagues to our community to guide and steward our educational mission. Catherine Kodat brings her deep knowledge of and passion for the liberal arts from stints at Hamilton and Lewis and Clark as our new provost and dean of the faculty. Christopher Card will share his commitment to making campus communities places for both rigorous learning and personal development, which he honed at Trinity College, as the new vice president for student life.

And, as always, students are and will always be the center of the Lawrence experience. This past year, we proudly watched 335 Lawrentians receive their diplomas and begin their life after Lawrence, bringing their energy and leadership to graduate degrees, fellowships and careers in technology, the arts, service and more. We also witnessed that cycle begin anew, welcoming 375 bright, interested and committed students who comprise one of our most diverse classes yet.

Again, I thank you for all you do on behalf of Lawrence.


President Mark Burstein's signature in blue

Mark Burstein,