Report from Financial Services

Lawrence closed a successful fiscal year with a record $284 million in our endowment, thanks to the generosity of so many donors who are supporting initiatives for full-need scholarships, endowed faculty positions and significant other support for the campus. We continue to focus on offering an affordable and accessible education, working to minimize our comprehensive fee increases while growing our endowed scholarship pool, and we strive to be good stewards of the institution with prudent management of our expenses.

—Christopher Lee,
Vice President for Finance and Administration


Fiscal Year 2016 finances: Assets

Investments $285,151,509
Property & equipment $111,585,593
Pledges receivable $17,691,493
Cash $11,389,374
Student loans receivable $5,479,453
Other receivables $630,923
Other assets $3,890,740
Total $435,819,085

Liabilities and net assets

Fiscal Year 2016 liabilities and net assets

Net assets $368,639,444
Long-term debt $43,929,380
Accrued liabilities $10,218,547
Asset retirement obligations $3,388,642
Postretirement obligations $2,944,144
Gift annuities payable $1,973,731
U.S. gov't grants refundable $1,762,594
Deferred income/due to $1,508,612
Accounts payable $1,453,991
Total $435,819,085

Operating revenues

Fiscal Year 2016 operating revenues

Net student revenues $43,490,462
Endowment spendable allocation $12,537,413
Contribution revenues $4,732,680
Other revenues $3,067,187
Total $63,827,742

Operating expenses

Fiscal Year 2016 operating expenses

Academic and student services $32,750,442
Administration, physical plant and fundraising $21,163,150
Depreciation and interest on debt $8,452,439
Auxiliary enterprises (includes Academy of Music and Björklunden) $5,218,632
Total $67,584,663

All data is for the 2016 fiscal year (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016)