Become an Alumni Ambassador

Becky Doyle-Morin ’00

Becky Doyle-Morin ’00Though Becky Doyle-Morin works as a faculty member in the biology department at the University of Wisconsin–Platteville, she finds time to help keep her class connected to each other and to Lawrence. As class secretary for 17 years, Doyle-Morin has helped gather and share news about her classmates—and she has enjoyed it immensely.

“It’s such a great opportunity to help everyone keep those LU ties strong and is a fantastic chance for me to reconnect personally with everyone!” she says. “It’s so much fun to hear about the great things happening in everyone's lives and especially to get the personal messages when people submit their notes. In just this last reunion newsletter request alone, I was ‘let in’ on five different friends' pregnancies that they had not yet publicly announced—it was so exciting!”

She has also been a part of planning committees for her last two reunions, which, combined with news from class notes, “inspired me to pack up my family and take some road trips to reconnect with some of the friends who were not going to be able to make it back for Reunion.” Doyle-Morin has also recently agreed to join her class leadership team to continue fostering connections among her classmates.

Gayatri Malhotra ’14

Gayatri Malhotra ’14After graduating from Lawrence with a degree in biology, Gayatri Malhotra jumped into volunteering for her alma mater with both feet. Malhotra began volunteering by joining the Viking Gift Committee, a group of recent graduates who raise awareness of philanthropy among their classmates, and shortly thereafter began helping staff college fairs the admissions staff could not attend.

“I am usually overexcited to share my Lawrence stories with high school students at college fairs,” she says. “At these events, students and parents usually expect a university staff member coaxing them to apply. However, the Lawrence table is humbler, with some honest marketing materials, pamphlets and postcards. Students and parents are pleasantly surprised when they realize I am an alumna who is volunteering at the college fair. I can feel the comfortability and genuine conversation in my interactions. These moments truly represent the unique educational experience available at Lawrence in comparison to other institutions.”

Malhotra recently moved to the Washington, D.C., area to attend George Washington University and has immediately become involved with the regional alumni club, the LU Club of DC. Prior to her move, Malhotra was a co-chair for the LU Club of Chicago.

Sandy Murti ’95

Sandy Murti ’95Sandy Murti began his journey as a Lawrence volunteer by serving as a career contact for current students and a volunteer for the More Light! campaign. Residing in the Seattle area, he was able to connect with current students and support Lawrence from across the country. Murti recently joined the Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors, where he serves as co-chair of the Connecting to Campus Committee.

“My recent involvement with the LUAA Board of Directors has given me a tangible way to give back to the university and get re-connected with Lawrence at the same time,” he says. “Perhaps the most rewarding part about volunteering with LUAA has been the opportunity to learn about some of the amazing things students are doing, both during and after their time at Lawrence. I then get to bottle all that up and take it on the road as I represent Lawrence in the Seattle area to prospective students and their families as part of our growing Alumni Ambassador program.

Christine Seeley ’12

Christine Seeley ’12As co-chair for the LU Club of Madison (Wis.), Christine Seeley has made a large impact on the Lawrence alumni community. The club has hosted numerous events for alumni living in the area over the past year, including an alumni brunch, a happy hour in conjunction with Giving Day and a young alumni brewery tour.

“I really enjoy being involved in a regional club as a co-chair because I get to meet so many wonderful Lawrence alumni in the Madison area from a huge variety of graduating classes,” she says. “It is so much fun to hear stories about their time at Lawrence and about how Lawrence has impacted their lives and careers. I think having these regional clubs is a fantastic resource for Lawrence alumni, not only for social connections but also for networking and creating a support web throughout the city.”

Seeley, who is pursuing a degree in graphic design, is also co-chair of the planning committee for her fifth cluster reunion this June.