Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video is a streaming media service in use at Lawrence University.  Faculty can use Ensemble to host student or instructor-created videos in either a public or private format.  This can include recordings of lectures, screencasts, rehearsals, or student presentations.

Students normally use special links within Moodle to access videos that the instructor has made available in Ensemble.

To Upload Materials to Ensemble Video

Please remember that your Ensemble Video site is to be used for student or faculty-created audio or video files only.  Copyrighted materials should be vetted through the library's e-reserve system.  Please contact the library director with questions related to digital copyright and fair use.

  1. Login at https://video.lawrence.edu with your Lawrence username/password.
  2. Click the green + Add button.
  3. Enter a Title for the video and click Continue.
  4. Click “Add file” to browse and select the video to upload.
  5. Click the “Start upload” button to start the upload.
  6. WAIT until the upload is complete, then click Continue.
  7. Select the desired playlists for your video (this has been probably already been selected for you).
  8. Click the Publish button.

There is also a Bulk upload option where you can upload more than one file at a time.  If you use that option, rename your video files before uploading them since the initial title of the video is set from the filename.

Please note that students cannot login to your Ensemble Video library to view materials.  They should instead use a special link that instructional technology staff will provide to you.  This link (or embed code) can be added to your Moodle course to provide access to students.

We can also restrict viewing access to only students that are officially enrolled in your course.  That may have automatically been turned on for you.  If you have questions about this, please contact instructional technology for assistance.