Please use the standard Lawrence financial forms to expend funds. The financial services office or your building administrative assistants can provide you with these forms. Faculty members should forward all reimbursement requests through department, program chairs or the Provost and Dean of the Faculty who must sign the appropriate forms for requisition or disbursement. Original receipts, invoices or purchase orders must accompany requests for payment or reimbursement.

Ownership of books, equipment, etc.

Equipment, supplies, books and musical instruments purchased with any internal grant funds are owned by Lawrence. (This is also true of some, but not all, external grants.) If a faculty member leaves Lawrence after purchasing such items with an internal grant, the items should be returned the Lawrence by arrangement with the department chair, library director or other relevant office.


Reporting is important! Your internal grant is not complete until you have reported on the work accomplished.

What you should do

At the end of the summer or academic year in which funded projects occur, grant recipients will submit to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty a full report on expenditure of their grant(s) and on what was accomplished with the support of the grant(s). This can be submitted separately or included in their annual report.

Why you should do it

Many internal grants are funded by gifts and grants from alumni, foundations and other friends of the college. Lawrence reports to these donors regularly on how their contributions are being used. Your description of the important work accomplished with your internal grant helps show these donors that they were wise to invest their money in Lawrence and may even help persuade these and other donors to make future gifts.

And if that is not enough reason, here is another: Disregarding your reporting responsibility may result in suspension of further funding for a period of time determined by the Provost.

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