Project Grants

Project grants come in several flavors:

+ Research Grants

Research Support Grants

Lawrence offers research funds to encourage the scholarly and creative endeavors of its faculty. In most cases, these funds are granted with the expectation that the project will culminate in a publication, presentation or improved artistic performance. Requests will be evaluated according to the faculty member’s previous records in research and publication or performance. Preference will be given to those who are qualified and untenured, and who have not received research funds in the past, or for which applications for outside funding have been denied.


Support will be for specific projects undertaken by full-time members of the faculty. Faculty members seeking funds for research while on leave may not be eligible. A discussion with the Provost prior to applying is recommended. Faculty members who have non-renewable appointments of less than two years are not eligible to apply. See chapter VI of the faculty handbook for details on eligible expenses and multi-year budgets.

Apply now for a research grant: PDF form  |  Word form

PS -- Don't forget that if you are using internal or external grant funds to support a summer research student, you must also complete the Grant Statement for Student Summer Employment (PDF) or (Word).

+ Distinctiveness Grants

Distinctiveness grants are intended to promote new innovations and new directions in scholarship and creative activity. These funds are separate from, and in addition to, the college's regular funds for program budgets, faculty grants and the like. They are intended to advance our efforts to offer academic/artistic programs that are strong, consistent with our mission and attractive to current and prospective students.

Proposals are strongly encouraged to address one or more of the following institutional goals:

  • improving introductory courses
  • establishing or strengthening Senior Experiences
  • making the academic/artistic program more distinctive
  • encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • supporting faculty-student collaboration
  • promoting the use of instructional technology
  • expanding opportunities for internships

Clearly this list does not capture all of our curricular priorities, but it does provide a good sense of the sorts of efforts these funds are designed to advance.

Apply now for a distinctiveness grant:  PDF form  |  Word form

+ Curricular Development / Workshop Grants

These grants are intended to support faculty planning a significant revision or innovation of a set of courses, a new curricular program or a new course that will involve more than one faculty member. Curricular Development Grants may subsidize the work of individual faculty members who will undertake new teaching assignments that go beyond the normal range of their curricular expertise. Curricular Development Workshop Grants—to which most of the available funds will be devoted—primarily support broader curricular revision and innovation.

Grants will generally not exceed $2500 per summer or year. Examples of the projects such workshops might undertake include:

  • devising curricular connections with other departments or programs
  • revising the organization or array of courses in a department or program
  • suggesting new components for a department’s or program's curriculum
  • two or more faculty members to devise proposals for team-taught or collaborative courses, within a discipline or across disciplinary lines
  • groups of faculty who want to devise thematic connections for their courses across disciplinary lines, or to develop proposals to revise the University’s General Education Requirements, or to develop proposals for new Interdisciplinary Areas or interdisciplinary majors.

These funds are not intended to support individual course revisions or development of single courses taught by individual faculty members because these activities fall within the normal professional responsibilities of each faculty member.

Apply now for a curricular development or workshop grant: PDF form  |  Word form


A single application form is used for all three kinds of project grants: 

PDF form  |  Word form

Advice to Applicants

To maximize the benefit of these funds for all members of the faculty, please be thoughtful and prudent with your project and budget.  We fund as many faculty projects as possible, but requests typically exceed the funds available. Last-minute or poorly-justified requests are less likely to be funded.

Therefore, please apply well in advance, and make a compelling argument for the value of your project!

Travel grants

Lawrence faculty members are urged to attend national or regional meetings of professional organizations and are further encouraged to participate actively in such organizations and meetings as officers, program chairs, panel discussants and speakers. Lawrence offers travel grants to help you get to such professional meetings, conferences and similar events.

Apply for a travel grant now:  

PDF form  |  Word form

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