Federal regulations require Lawrence University to implement specific management and documentation procedures for equipment purchased in whole or part with federal funds. This procedure applies to any federally funded equipment costing $1,000 or more.

Financial Conflict of Interest policy for Federal grants (FCOI) applies to all federally-funded research proposals and grants. Please note that this policy takes effect during the proposal development stage, even before you have receive a grant. All LU personnel applying for federal research grants must disclose any Significant Financial Interests (as defined by the policy), for a review to determine whether there is any conflict of interest with the proposed research and, if necessary, develop a plan to manage any conflict.

Procurement policy for federal grants lays out special rules for purchasing supplies, equipment, services, etc. using federal grant funds. Whenever spending federal dollars, it is important to be sure we are wise stewards of public funds and are getting the best value.

The responsible conduct of research training policy applies to all faculty members and departments involving undergraduate students in carrying out research  a) under a National Science Foundation grant, b) involving human subjects, or c) involving vertebrate animals.

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