Lawrence offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.  Every faculty member is encouraged to participate in a few each year to connect with colleagues and grow as a professor.

New Faculty

Programming and mentoring for new faculty is described on the following page:

New Faculty Mentoring

Mentoring Circles

Mentoring Circles are peer-facilitated groups of up to 8 people that meet regularly to solve professional problems and support members' personal development as faculty members.  Formal circles are organized by offices on campus; informal circles emerge on their own.  Recent and current circles include:

  • Faculty of Color - addressing the unique challenges faced by faculty of color
  • Pre-Tenure Faculty (Years 2-5) - advancing from reappointment to tenure
  • Support for Scholarship - making progress on research & writing (informal, self-organizing)

Formal circles will invite new members in the fall and spring and will produce an annual report of accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the coming year.

For more information, or to suggest a new formal circle, contact Kimberly Barrett, Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Dean of the Faculty.

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