Members (Winter/Spring 2019)

Bob Williams (Associate Dean of the Faculty, chair), Jeff Stannard (Associate Dean of the Conservatory), Anne Haydock (Fine Arts), Randall McNeill (Humanities), Julie Rana (Natural Sciences), Steve Wulf (Social Sciences), Ghania Imran (student), Monita Mohammadian Gray (Dean of Academic Success), Nancy Truesdell (Interim Registrar)


The Instruction Committee serves as the primary agent of the Faculty in implementing the curriculum and academic standards. The committee reviews course proposals, GER requests, and requests for non-standard course times; applications for student-designed majors and academic internships (where they are not offered by departments as 195/395/595 courses); and proposed changes to academic procedures and regulations.  A subcommittee on administration reviews academic petitions, academic progress, and applications for readmission to Lawrence.

Meeting Schedule (Winter 2019)

The committee meets on Tuesdays at 4:30pm.
Submit materials to the chair one week in advance of the meeting.

Faculty Forms

Course proposal and GER request forms are available under "Forms" in the faculty navigation menu.

Student Forms

  • Application for Student-Designed Major: Word
  • Request for Academic Internship: Word

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