The faculty of Lawrence University grants honors at graduation both to encourage students to do superior academic work and to recognize superior performance. Students who have distinguished themselves in fulfilling the requirements for the bachelor’s degree are awarded Honors in Course, primarily on the basis of their cumulative and degreee grade-point averages. This type of honors is indicated in the Commencement program and on official transcripts, granted in three grades: cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude, by vote of the faculty acting on the recommendation of the university Committee on Honors.

Honors in course
Performance in courses taken at Lawrence or as part of Lawrence-approved off-campus programs (degree GPA), as well as a student’s entire academic record (composite GPA), determines a student’s eligibility to receive honors. The Committee uses as guidelines the following grade-point averages:

3.500 to 3.749 for cum laude
3.750 to 3.899 for magna cum laude
3.900 to 4.000 for summa cum laude

  In order for students to be considered for Honors in Course, both their composite and degree GPAs must be at least 3.500.

Honors in Course are not awarded automatically, however. The Committee examines the records of all students whose GPAs are very close to the next highest level of Honors and recognizes that in certain situations cumulative averages are not accurate measures of a student’s achievements in course. If, for example, a student has taken an unusually large number of courses on a S/U basis, has completed an unusual student- designed major, or has performed with distinction on a departmental examination, the Committee may consider departmental or committee evaluations and other relevant data.

Students who transfer from other colleges or universities, as well as students who undertake virtually all of their coursework at Lawrence, qualify for Honors in Course on the same basis. Students normally must achieve the stated guidelines in both the degree GPA and the composite GPA to qualify for a given level of honors.