Below is a list of faculty members serving on standing committees or holding other assignments.  Descriptions of committees and assignments are in the Faculty Handbook.

Committees of the President

Committee Chair
Accreditation & Assessment Peter Blitstein, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Benefits Mary Alma Noonan,
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Diversity Affairs Kimberly Barrett, Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion
Financial & Physical Planning Katie Kodat, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) Erin Buenzli, Director of Wellness & Recreation
Student Success Ken Anselment,
Vice President for Enrollment & Communications


Jeff Clark, Professor of Geosciences,

Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment, & Equal Employment Opportunity Samantha George, Associate Professor of Music


Committees of the Faculty of the University

Committee Chair
Academic Advising Pete Gilbert, Director of Advising
Academic Integrity Celia Barnes, Associate Professor of English
Curriculum Madera Allen, Associate Professor of Spanish
First Year Studies Advisory Tim Spurgin, Director of First Year Studies
Governance Scott Corry, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Honors Antoinette Powell, Music Librarian & Associate Professor
Inclusive Pedagogy (sunsets July 2021) Kathy Privatt, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Institutional Animal Care and Use Judith Humphries, Associate Professor of Biology
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Peter Peregrine, Professor of Anthropology
Instruction Peter Blitstein, Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Subcommittee on Administration
  • Monita Mohammadian Gray, Dean of Academic Success
Off-Campus Programs Peter-John Thomas, Associate Professor of Russian
Public Events Allison Fleshman, Associate Professor of Chemistry


Committees of the Faculty of the Conservatory of Music

Committee Chair
Conservatory Administration Jeff Stannard, Associate Dean of the Conservatory
Conservatory Advisory Michael Mizrahi, Associate Professor of Music
Visiting Presenters John Holiday, Assistant Professor of Music


Task Forces

Task Force Chair
Mellon RTP Bob Williams, Professor of Education
HHMI Grant Implementation Stefan Debbert, Associate Professor of Chemistry


Assignments of the President, Provost, and Faculty

Assignment Faculty Member
B.A. in Music Advisor Rebecca Perry, Assistant Professor of Music Theory
College Rep to the Conservatory Advisory Committee Lavanya Murali, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director of Advising Pete Gilbert, Director of the Library
Faculty Advancement Resource Persons Paul Cohen, Professor of History
Claudena Skran, Professor of Government
Faculty Reps to LUCC Anne Haydock, Assistant Professor of Film Studies
Esteli Gomez, Assistant Professor of Music
Faculty Secretary Jill Thomas, Director of Technical Services, Library
Midwest Conference Athletics Rep Kathy Privatt, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Parliamentarian Craig Thomas, Systems & Data Services Librarian & Assistant Professor (Alternate: Randall McNeill, Professor of Classics)
Summer Research Coordinator Andrew Knudsen, Associate Professor of Geosciences
Deanna Donohoue, Associate Professor of Chemistry