Long-distance and overnight travel includes domestic trips more than 200 miles from campus or with an overnight stay.


Björklunden is Lawrence’s northern campus in Door County, Wisconsin.  Björklunden is used in the summer for seminars and public performances and on weekends throughout the academic year for academic and co-curricular activities.

Students are not permitted to drive personal vehicles to Björklunden.  Students traveling to Björklunden should ride the bus from the Appleton campus on Friday evening and return on the bus on Sunday afternoon.  At times a van shuttle may be scheduled on Saturday morning to bring students to Björklunden who could not travel on Friday due to an academic conflict; those students will be dropped off and expected to return on the bus on Sunday afternoon.

Faculty and staff may ride the Björklunden bus or drive a personal vehicle at their own expense.  Carpooling is encouraged.  Faculty or staff who transport Lawrence faculty, staff, students, guest speakers, or equipment must be authorized drivers.  Fleet vehicles may not be used for travel to Björklunden unless they are required for university-related travel in Door County or to transport equipment that cannot be taken on the bus.  Requests to use a fleet vehicle must be approved by the Associate Dean of the Faculty.  Departments also have the option of renting a vehicle at their department's expense with department chair approval.

Destinations Other Than Björklunden

For group travel, the faculty/staff trip leader or sponsor should follow the procedures below, with help from building administrative assistants for reserving vehicles and collecting fees and travel paperwork.  The trip leader or sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all university travel requirements and restrictions are met; failure to do so may result in cancellation of the trip.

Individual students traveling with Lawrence funding should meet with the Associate Dean of the Faculty to discuss travel requirements.  Failure to meet deadlines, submit required paperwork, or receive necessary approvals will result in the loss of Lawrence funding for the trip.

Trip Registration

As soon as a trip is planned, the trip leader or sponsor or individual student traveler should submit a Trip Registration Form to the Associate Dean of the Faculty. The form must be received at least two weeks before departure.

Trip Registration Form



The trip leader or sponsor should send a roster to the Dean of Students asking whether the listed students are eligible to participate.


Lawrence fleet vehicles should be used for long-distance or overnight travel with students. For airport travel, the trip leader or sponsor should reserve a Lawrence fleet vehicle and arrange for an authorized driver to drop off and pick up the group at the airport. The costs for the driver should be included in the trip or program fee. Fleet vehicles may not be left parked at an airport or parking garage for more than one night.  Personal vehicles may be used for group transportation to and from the airport if driven by authorized drivers who complete personal vehicle forms.

Vehicle Use Policy, Authorized Driver Application, & Vehicle Reservation Form

Personal Vehicle Form


Lawrence Portion of Travel

For travel that does not originate from the Lawrence campus, students are responsible for their own airfare or transportation to and from the course site, and the Lawrence portion of the trip begins and ends at the designated meeting points, days, and times. Students may add personal travel before or after the academic travel as long as they arrive before and depart after the designated times. Personal travel is not supervised by trip leaders and not covered by Lawrence travel insurance, so students should make arrangements for their own travel insurance and emergency assistance if needed.

Program Fee & Financial Arrangements

The trip leader or sponsor is responsible for setting the program fee. The program fee should include lodging, ground transportation, museums and tours, some meals (typically breakfast and either lunch or dinner), travel insurance (if applicable), and travel expenses for trip leaders. Airfare may be included if the group travels together from and returns to the Lawrence campus; otherwise, students must arrange and pay for their own air travel to and from the course site. The program fee is an additional charge beyond tuition and should be stated in the course description.

The trip leader or sponsor should work with Financial Services to establish an account for collection and disbursement of funds and to set deadlines for payments. A common practice is to have students pay a non-refundable deposit by check to Lawrence University and then to apply the remaining fees to student accounts on a specified date. For students who must cancel for circumstances beyond their control, Lawrence will refund the program fee minus the deposit and any non-recoverable expenses.

The trip leader or sponsor should also plan for how expenses will be paid during the trip. The preferred practice is to use a Lawrence credit card; arrangements for a credit card or increased credit limit can be made with Financial Services.  Payments, advances, and reimbursements use the standard financial forms and procedures.

Travel Forms

The trip leader or sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the following forms are completed, collected, and submitted to the Associate Dean of the Faculty in one packet or zip file at least one week prior to departure. Building administrative assistants can assist with the collection of forms and deposits.

Roster & Itinerary for group
Personal Vehicle Form if used for transportation to or from the airport
Personal Information Form from each participant
Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability from each participant

The trip leader or sponsor should inform students in writing that if their travel forms are not submitted by the deadline, they will be removed from the trip and will lose their non-refundable deposit and any non-recoverable expenses.

Trip Departure

Prior to departure, the trip leader or sponsor should send an email to StudentTravel@lawrence.edu with the following trip information:

This email is to inform you that GROUP/CLASS NAME will be off campus engaging in ACTIVITY at LOCATION NAME AND ADDRESS from START TIME to END TIME on DAY, MONTH, DATE.  COORDINATOR NAME is the trip coordinator and can be reached at PHONE NUMBER.  The driver(s) are DRIVER NAMES and can be reached at DRIVER PHONE NUMBERS.  Students participating are LIST OF STUDENT NAMES.

For trips that leave from the Lawrence campus, a final roster should be dropped in the drop box at the Wriston turnaround so that Campus Safety has current information about students who are off campus.

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