LUPÉ – Sunday, March 4, 2018, 7p.m.

Kristin Olson ’13, director
Guest artists:
     Peter Ferry
     Elliot Cole, composer

Elliot Cole (b. 1984)
(movements 3, 6, and 8 interspersed throughout the program)
Spencer Bunch-Hotaling, Ben Piette, Garrett Rolfson, Dylan Senderling

Thierry de Mey (b. 1956)
Table Music
Nolan Ehlers, Sean Goldman, Alex Quade

video: Jodie Mack

The Future is Bright
     Boston Lot Lake
     The Future is Bright
Peter Ferry, soloist
Spencer Bunch-Hotaling, Alex Quade, Garrett Rolfson

Flowerpot Music No. 1
Sean Goldman, Jake Victor

Hanuman’s Leap
Elliot Cole, soloist
Koby Brown, Nolan Ehlers, Jake Victor

traditional Afro-Cuban
arr. Kristin Olson, Adam Friedman, Nathan Montgomery

Arará Sabalú
Nathan Montgomery, lead vocals

traditional Brazil
arr. Kristin Olson

Sambistas – Maracatu
Kristin Olson, lead

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