Spring Term 2016 Live Events

Wednesday, May 25, 8:00p.m. CDT
The Music of Fred Sturm
Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble
Patty Darling, director
Guest performer: Matt Turner, cello
8:00p.m. Concert program

Friday, May 27, 8:00p.m. CDT
Spring Shall Bloom!
Viking Chorale, Concert Choir, Cantala
Phillip A. Swan & Stephen M. Sieck, conductors
8:00p.m. Concert program [PDF program – 307 KB]

Saturday, May 28, 8:00p.m. CDT
Franck Symphony in D minor
Lawrence Symphony Orchestra
Thom Ritter George, conductor
Guest artist: Leo Sussman ’16, flute
     (co-winner of the 2015-16 LSO Concerto Competition)
8:00p.m. Concert program [PDF program – 165 KB]

Sunday, May 29, 3:00p.m. CDT
Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble
with Sambistas, Kinkaviwo, and Tambo Toké
Dane Maxim Richeson, director
Guest artist: Nani Agbeli, dancer
Student directors: Irene Durbak, Adam Friedman, Kennison Ther
3:00p.m. Concert program

Friday, June 3, 8:00p.m. CDT
Lawrence University Symphonic Band
Matthew Arau, conductor
8:00p.m. Concert program

Friday, June 10, 8:00p.m. CDT
Commencement Concert
featuring graduating seniors from the class of 2016
Alexandra Damisch, clarinet
Annaeka Johnson, oboe
Brandin Kreuder, violin
Colin Parsons, saxophone
Craig Jordan, piano
David Voss, piano
Dylan Younger, clarinets
Elena Stabile, soprano
Hallie Hillemann, violin
Jacinda Martin, clarinet
Jacob Fernandez, bassoon
Joseph Connor, saxophone
Katie Mueller, soprano
Kayla Siembieda, mezzo-soprano
Kennison Ther, percussion
Laetitia Lehman-Pearsall, piano
Leo Sussman, flute
Matthew Kierzek, clarinet
Nathan Gornick, clarinet
Sofie Yang, violin
Stephen Weikel, oboe
8:00p.m. Concert program

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