2016-17 Dance Series

Lower Left

Lower Left in Available Space
Friday, October 28, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.
Esch/Hurvis room
Warch Campus Center


Lower Left performance collective will perform with special guests in- Available  Space. Formed in 1994 in San Diego, Lower Left is a collaborative group of dance artists, educators, creators, and performers. For this special performance, members from Berlin, Texas, and New York re-assemble with Margaret Paek, Lawrence dance professor. Utilizing signature improvisational, compositional, and ensemble techniques, Available Space will be an evening of spontaneously created dances. Surprise guest artists from the community will join them for part of the performance. Lower Left will offer the audience ways to view and appreciate bodies in motion crafting the space. Don’t miss this extraordinary performance of dance-making in action. http://www.lowerleft.org

photo is by Fred Covarrubias Jr.

Malkia Stampley-JohnsonMalkia Stampley-Johnson & Lanette Costas-Stampley Workshop

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Workshop starts at 7:00pm   Sharing starts at 8:30pm

Esch/Hurvis Studio, Warch Campus Center

Veteran theater performer, Malkia Stampley-Johnson, and extraordinary dancer, Lanette Costas-Stampley will lead a collaborative group music and movement workshop open to Lawrence students and the public. They offer the opportunity to express emotions through music, acting and dance/movement. To provoke thought, discussion and challenging performance practices while engaging students is the ultimate goal in their perspective disciplines. Using ideas, music and themes of spirituals they will encourage audience participation along with the workshop participants. After this workshop, there will be a 

Lanette Costas-Stampley

sharing by the participants, Malkia and Lanette. An open mind and open heart are the only requirements. We are lucky enough to have Malkia Stampley-Johnson, stellar theatrical performer, join us on November 2nd. Due to unforeseen events, Nathaniel Stampley will no longer be able to join us in Appleton.

Jon Mueller

with Jon Mueller and Dawn Springer
Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 8:00 p.m.
Esch Studio, Warch Campus Center


Rhythmplex creates experiences. Projects have involved releasing music as a book, using taste to conjur memories and developing an event disguised as physical media. Through ideas, energy and work, innovative and inspired moments occur where change can be felt by all involved.

Dawn SpringerDirected by Jon Mueller since 2009, project partnerships have included AIGA, Alverno Presents, Eaux Claires Festival and Viva! Art Montreal. Whether involving teams of people from various disciplines or simply Mueller himself, the aim for all projects is to reveal something meaningful, memorable and useful.

Since 2015, Jon Mueller and Dawn Springer have worked in collaboration on INITIATION and A Magnetic Center. Their work together has been described as "mesmerizing" (Spin Magazine) and an "inherently visceral experience" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).




Marion Ramirez and Jung Woong KimMagnetic Space Performance

by Marion Ramírez and Jung Woong Kim
Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 8:00 p.m.
Esch Studio, Warch Campus Center


Marion Ramirez and Jungwoong Kim are Philadelphia based artists. Since 2005 they continue to develop a creative partnership that seeks to bridge their diverse cultural sensibilities. Their performance practice and teaching approach is committed to exploring movement improvisation as a vehicle to inhabit the body's sense of agency, empower self knowledge, resist violence and engage respectfully with the world.

During this April 2017 week residency, they will be sharing their improvisational workshops ‘Magnetic Spaces’. This workshop series draws from their expertise in Contact Improvisation and is influenced by their experience with the practice of martial arts, and traditional social dances from their respective cultural heritage in Korea and Puerto Rico.

'Magnetic Spaces’  explores ways of tuning into one’s individual rhythmic tendencies and impulses, the body’s silent melody and pulse. It will explore the use of our voice and sounding as a way to discover movement and ride with it. In partnerships we will then ride in and out of physical contact, in and out of shared weight, and enjoy the communication generated in the elasticity of the space between the bodies. 

They will share a performance inspired by the practice of Magnetic Spaces. This performance will include movement, experimental video projections, live sounds and music. Additionally they will share a short lecture/presentation on their most recent multi disciplinary performance project SaltSoul developed and performed in Philadelphia through 2016. http://www.saltsouldance.com