Kaleidoscope Performances

Box Office:

Kaleidoscope occurs every other year.

Adults: $15 Seniors: $10 Students: $7

Tickets available from: Lawrence University Box Office: 920-832-6749

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center: 920-730-3760 www.foxcitiespac.com

First performed in 2006, Kaleidoscope’s non-stop, 75-minute format provides a rapid-fire musical spectrum running the gamut from Bernstein to tango, from improvisational dance to Balinese gamelan music.

“Kaleidoscope means ‘to present the appearance of a brightly colored and constantly changing pattern; to cause to come together or coalesce with pleasing results,’ and this is precisely what the audience can expect. The short durations of each selection, non-stop nature of the program and contrasting styles of music all combine to make an enjoyable musical evening.” said Andrew Mast, Director of Bands, Kimberly-Clark Professor of Music and Associate Dean of the Conservatory, and the coordinator of this year’s concert.

The most comprehensive musical evening on Lawrence’s 2017-18 concert calendar, Kaleidoscope spotlights large ensembles (Symphony Orchestra, Concert Choir, Gamelan Cahaya Asri, Wind Ensemble, Opera, Jazz Ensemble) and chamber groups (bassoon ensemble, cello ensemble, flute ensemble, saxophone quartet, percussion duet, trombone ensemble, improvisational ensemble with dancers and wind chamber ensemble).

Check out some of the past Kaleidoscope performances, and a backstage look at the intense preparations for this one-of-a-kind event.