Lawrence offers a combined B.A./B.Mus. degree program, an innovative course of study that allows you to immerse yourself in music and at least one other field of study at a very high level. In this rigorous five year program, about half your coursework will be in music, with the other half in general education courses and a second major. The combination of a nationally ranked liberal arts college with a leading conservatory of music makes Lawrence's double-degree program a unique opportunity to pursue both musical and non-musical interests at a very high level in a collaborative environment. Each incoming double degree student meets with two advisors (one from the Conservatory and one from the College). Student and advisors work collaborately in order to help plan a successful course of study. Our double-degree program is so successful because all of our professors see such great value in the dual course of study and work hard to help students overcome the challenges of this rigorous program.  If you choose the double degree program, you won't be alone.  About half of every entering Conservatory class are double degree students.

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