2017-18 Voice Department Events


Feb. 23 3:20pm SH163 Sasha Cooke, Masterclass
Feb. 23 8pm Memorial Chapel Lawrence University Choirs Concert
Feb. 24 8pm Memorial Chapel

Artist Series: Sasha Cooke Performance

Feb. 25 3pm First Congregational United Church of Christ Duet Recital: Karen Leigh-Post and Ashleigh Kreider. Anthony Padilla Piano
Mar. 1-4 Varies Stansbury Theatre Opera: Le Comte d'Ory
Mar. 8 5:40pm SH163 Area Recital
Mar. 30 7pm Harper Hall Sally Alvarado, half recital
Mar. 31 11am Harper Hall Lauren Smrz, recital
Mar. 31 1pm Harper Hall Annie Mercado, senior rectal
Mar. 31 8pm Harper Hall Alex Quackenbush and Clover Austin-Muehleck, half-recitals
Apr. 1 5pm Harper Hall Emma Webster and Alex Iglinski, half-recitals
Apr. 3 11:10 Memorial Chapel Convocation
Apr. 3 7-10pm   Opera Auditions
Apr. 5 8pm Harper Hall Luke Honeck and Erik Nordstrom, half-recitals
Apr. 7 1pm Harper Hall

Kyle Schleife, half-recital

Apr. 8 5pm Harper Hall Ben Johnson, half-recital
Apr. 8 1-5pm, 6:30-10pm   Opera auditions
Apr. 14 3pm Harper Hall Anne Marie Carden, Senor recital
Apr. 14 7pm Harper Hall MOVED TO MAY 13. John Perkins, half-recital. 
Apr. 15 1pm Harper Hall Pari Singh, half-recital
Apr. 15 3pm Harper Hall Martha Hellerman, senior recital
Apr. 15 8pm The Draw Lorna Stephens, senior recital
Apr. 16 8pm   An die ferne Geliebten. Jonathan Hays, Jeremy Gill, and Copeland Woodruff
Apr. 20 8pm Memorial Chapel Major work performance 
Apr. 21 3pm Harper Hall Kin Le, senior recital
Apr. 21 7pm Harper Hall Michaela Rabideau, half-recital
Apr. 28 1pm Harper Hall Clio Briggs, senior recital
Apr. 29 12-6pm   Commencement Concert auditions
May 2 8pm Harper Hall Sam Stone, half-recital
May 3 11:10 Various No Thursday Studio (Reading Period)
May 6 8pm   New Music Series: Quinte Vocal Ensemble
May 9 8pm Harper Hall Quinn Ross, half-recital
May 11 8pm Harper Hall Aria Minasian, half-recital
May 12 10am Memorial Presbyterian Church Claire Laliberté
May 13 1pm Memorial Chapel John Perkins, half recital
May 17 8pm   Opera Scenes
May 19 1pm Harper Hall Rosa Lemos, senior recital
May 22 11:10am Memorial Chapel Honors Convocation, featuring Ken Bozeman
May 25 8pm Memorial Chapel Lawrence University Choirs Concert
May 26 1pm Harper Hall Anna Mosoriak, half-recital
May 28 1pm Harper Hall Andrew Green, half-recital
May 28 5pm Harper Hall Anmol Gupta, senior recital
June 4-6     Voice Juries

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