2018-19 Voice Department Events

Fall Term

Sept. 11 11:10-12:20pm First English Methodist Sanctuary All Voice-Area Meeting
Sept. 10-13     Auditions for LU Musical Pippin

Sept. 13

11:10am Memorial Chapel

Matriculation Convocation

Sept. 14-16   Bjorklunden Choir Retreat for Cantala and Concert Choir
Sept. 16 7pm Chapel Bernstein Gala with Prof. Spears, Mizrahi, Padilla Lesser and Richeson
Sept. 29 2:00-3:30 Harper Hall Edrie Weekly Master-class
Sept. 30-Oct.4     Matthew Edwards Residency
Oct. 6 8pm Chapel Fall Preview Choir Concert
Oct. 18     Reading Period (No studio classes)
Oct. 23 11:10am Chapel Convocation (no studio classes)
Oct. 25-27   Stansbury Pippin
Oct 30 11:10-12:20 First United Methodist Sanctuary Voice Area Recital
Nov. 3-4   UW-Whitewater NATS
Nov. 10 3pm Chapel Fall Choir Concert
Nov. 14  3:15-4:15 Chapel

Voice Area Recital

Nov. 15 8pm Esch-Hurvis, Warch Campus Center

Fall Opera Scenes

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