Chance Arnold

Chance Arnold is a freshman tuba performance major from Chicago, Illinois. He plays tuba in the Wind Ensemble and Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble and with a brass trio. He enjoys cycling and card games.

Micah Briggs

Micah is a junior tubist from Snohomish, Washington and a double degree candidate in music performance and biochemistry. He plays tuba in symphonic band and tuba-euphonium ensemble. His long list of hobbies includes ultimate frisbee, soccer, bean-slinging, beaver-punching, and rabbit-wrangling

Drece Cabrera

Drece is a junior Euphonium Performance and Music Education major from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He plays euphonium in the Symphonic Band and the Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble. Drece enjoys playing video games and watching movies when he's not practicing euphonium or trombone.

Cole Foster

Cole Foster is a senior majoring in Euphonium Performance. He is currently the Principal Euphonium in the Lawrence Wind Ensemble and performs with the tuba-euphonium ensemble (and performed on trombone for two years with the Lawrence Jazz Ensemble). When he isn't attending various classes or practicing euphonium, he can be found going on long runs, climbing trees or buildings, and sometimes sleeping on benches or sidewalks around campus.

Erin Ijzer

Erin is a senior candidate for the double degree program in euphonium performance in psychology. She is from Groningen, The Netherlands but resides in Minnesota. She plays in both the wind ensemble and symphonic band and made sure the ensemble United Sound, would come to Lawrence. Erin is often found advocating for those with special needs, and taking care of her fish.

Maria Jankowski

Maria is a sophomore non-major from Minnesota who is taking tuba lessons and participating on the Lawrence Track and Field Team. She wanted to continue to pursue her interest in music and has weekly lessons.

Brian Nelson

Brian is a sophomore music ed. major from Madison, Wisconsin. He plays tuba, trombone, and euphonium who enjoys driving and playing "Magic the Gathering." Currently he performs with the Brass Choir, Tuba Euphonium Ensemble and the Jazz Band.

John Painter

John Painter is a freshman non-music major from Broomfield, CO. He performs in the Lawrence Symphonic Band and Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble. He is a member of the Lawrence University Ultimate Frisbee team, and enjoys drinking coffee with dinner.

Henry Parks

Henry is a junior Tubist from Lake Jackson, TX. He is a double degree candidate in Environmental Science and Tuba performance. Henry enjoys playing in the Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra and going for long walks. In addition, Henry is an unashamed mine crafter.

Lily Sefchick

Lily is a freshman Music Performance Major from Illinois who is Principal Tuba in the Lawrence Symphonic Band and performs with the Lawrence Brass Choir.

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