Tuba Euphonium Studio

The members of the Lawrence University Tuba Euphonium studio perform in a variety of ensembles within the conservatory including, but not limited to, Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Brass Quintet, Tuba Euphonium Quartet, Brass Choir, and a number of jazz ensembles/combos. 

A "regular" week in the tuba-euphonium studio includes a one hour and ten minute studio class and a one hour and ten minute tuba-euphonium ensemble rehearsal, in addition to regular one-hour lessons with Mr. Erickson. The studio class is run much like a master class with student performing etudes or music they are preparing for juries or recitals or outside auditions followed by helpful comments. from everyone in the class. This time is also used for working on fundamentals; breathing, technique, etc., all the tools for strengthening performance skills and to build problem-solving techniques to be successful at the next level.