The program at Lawrence for tuba or euphonium is designed to give a comprehensive education in performance and pedagogy. Students studying tuba or euphonium may select from majors in music performance, music education, or music theory/composition. Many students choose to pursue the double degree program – combining a music degree with a degree from the college of liberal arts and sciences. The study of tuba or euphonium will focus on establishing individual goals and achieving them quickly. All students study key solo repertoire, etudes, and orchestral or band excerpts. In addition, there is the opportunity to study basic jazz improvisation including how to create bass lines, take solos and play with a good jazz feel.

Mr. Erickson believes strongly in the value of playing chamber music, so he encourages students to participate in brass ensembles and these may be coached by brass faculty members. At the end of each term there is a brass chamber recital featuring all brass ensembles.

There will be no "rubber stamp" lessons as each student is an individual with varying interests and goals. It is our intention to strengthen basics, learn to problem-solve and leave as an experienced,mature and caring student who will excel at the next level, no matter where there journey takes them.

Current Students

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