Audition for the Saxophone Program

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Audition requirements for admission to the Saxophone Program include the following:

  • All major and minor (harmonic or melodic) scales played both ascending and descending through the full range of the instrument; and a chromatic scale (Bb-F#3, from memory, ascending and descending through the full range of the instrument).
  • Fifteen minutes of repertoire, comprising two or three pieces or movements in contrasting styles, that demonstrates technical facility and melodic expressiveness. The following works represent an appropriate level of audition repertoire.

           Bozza – Improvisation et caprice
           Creston – Sonata
           Glazunov – Concerto
           Heiden – Solo or Sonata
           Ibert – Concertino da camera
           Maurice – Tableaux de Provence
           Milhaud – Scaramouche
           Muczynski – Sonata
           Noda – Improvisation I, II, or III
           Villa-Lobos – Fantasia

  • In addition, students may elect to perform a transcribed jazz solo or improvise with pre-recorded accompaniment.  All auditions include sight-reading.

On-campus auditions take the form of a private lesson.  Students auditioning on campus begin the audition with a performance of their prepared repertoire and scales; the audition continues with a lesson of 30 to 40 minutes duration that includes work on the prepared repertoire and sight-reading.

For more information on auditions for admission to the Saxophone Program at the Lawrence Conservatory, please contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-227-0982 or at