Percussion Ensembles at Lawrence include LUPÉ (Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble), Sambistas (Brazilian drumming ensemble), Tambotoké (Afro Cuban Ensemble), and Kinkaviwo (African drumming ensemble). All are under the direction of Dane Richeson. Many of these ensembles perform at local schools during the school year and on tours during breaks.

All large ensemble concerts performed in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel can be enjoyed around the world through our live, four camera video webcasts.


Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble (LUPÉ) is the classical percussion ensemble at Lawrence. All percussion majors participate in this group which performs a concert every term. The repertoire includes large ensembles (10-15 players), chamber works (for 3-6 players), and works that feature student soloists.


The Sambistas perform grooves from traditional Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Samba to Samba Reggae from Salvadaor, Bahia to originals, transcriptions and arrangements that include many different types of influences from Cuban to Indian Tabla drumming. Performing at a variety of events throughout the year, the Sambistas are one of the most popular student groups on campus and in the community.


Kinkaviwo, meaning Children of Kinka, is the African drumming ensemble at Lawrence. The group primarily performs music of the Ewe people from the Volta region of Ghana. The pieces include Adzogbo, Gahu, Adzrowo and Kinka. This style of music utilizes a call and response between the master or lead drum and the rest of the ensemble. All performances include singing, dancing and drumming, and students are encouraged to learn and perform these different elements.

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