Varsity competition is only one of the ways in which Lawrence students can be involved in athletics.

Club sports offer a middle ground between the highly competitive varsity sports and the more low-key approach to intramurals. Club sports such as men's and women's crew, co-ed and women's ultimate frisbee, and women's hockey compete against other schools.

Other clubs provide individual competition and opportunities for personal recreation, and include karate, ninjutsu, won hwa do, bicycling, rock climbing, running, outdoor recreation, and swing dancing.

Intramural sports offer students seeking fun and fitness a chance to compete without the commitment of a practice schedule and season. Activities vary depending upon student interest, and include such sports as flag football, basketball, volleyball, cross-country skiing, bowling, darts, billiards, floor hockey, broomball, and racquetball are among the wide variety of intramural sports offered at Lawrence. Anyone can join intramural teams and special tournaments are organized every year.

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