Betty Barrett M-D'55 pictureBetty Heistad Barrett M-D'55

“'With a heart full of love for our college' is a line from the Milwaukee Downer College Alma Mater that never fails to bring tears, even sixty two years after the merger that formed Lawrence University.  Downer lives on in the hearts and minds of its devoted alumnae, and as part of Lawrence.  I am grateful that many of our traditions continue, most visibly the class colors.   Our eight-oared shell, the Katie, is displayed in the Library, close to lots of our photographs, books and grandfather clocks.  Our sundial still tells time.  Our college seals share the concept of “Lux” – Light. 
The Lawrence - Downer merger was the best thing that could happen at that time, so difficult for us.  Lawrence’s liberal arts program, fine professors, individualized education, small size  all make it a fine choice for many students.  My grandson is interested in looking at the conservatory for his education.  I appreciate coming to Lawrence to meet those students who are successors to me and my classmates.  That is why I support Lawrence with my time and contributions.  Milwaukee Downer College lives on through these students.  I believe that is why more than 72% of my 1955 class contributed to Lawrence last year.
I too am now a part of Lawrence University.  Together we are making a positive difference in the world around us.  Our participation will continue that long after we are gone."

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