Catherine Gulsvig Wood '79 urges less-technical approach to drawing women to tech

Catherine Gulsvig Wood singing in Lloyd's choir5/14/2018

Accenture cloud software architect Catherine Gulsvig Wood, who started her career in tech thanks to a fortuitous meeting in a college computer lab, still uses her music training to sing with the Lloyd's Choir in London.

In an economy hungry for tech workers, there's ever-growing emphasis on science and math education for girls to help fill the yawning gender gap in technology - and opportunity in male-dominated careers. Catherine Gulsvig Wood embodies another path.

Wood is part of a software-architecture duo at consultant Accenture that recently was awarded a patent for “multi-cloud tagging capability” for the Accenture server-cloud platform.

“Our new tagging technology frees IT departments from concerns over how to manage cloud assets,” she said.

Wood, 61, a Wisconsin native who lives in St. Paul, studied piano and music theory at Lawrence University.

“I think ‘girls who code’ initiatives are great,” Wood said. “I think it also might be a bit of a deterrent. You don’t have to be a coder to be a girl in technology. That cuts off a lot of people who can contribute. And it gives the illusion that tech is all about code.”