It’s college decision time. A time when well-meaning friends, acquaintances, and strangers can ask tough questions that recently admitted students might not be ready to answer yet.

Questions like: Where did you get in? Where are you going to college? What are you going to major in?

Sound familiar? Getting overwhelmed by questions you’re not ready to answer? We're here to help.

Student Resources

If you're tired of answering repetitive questions about college, send them all to Lawrence's PR hotline or use some of these additional resources.

Too Many Questions? Just Hand Them This Card!

Printable Business Card Front

Reverse Side of Card

Printable Business Card Back

Questions on Social Media? Share This Image!

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Lawrence University PR Hotline

Call: (385) - ASK-MY-PR

Happy April Fools' Day

All kidding aside, if you really do have a question for Lawrence University, please reach out the Admissions office at 920-832-6500. A member of our community would be happy to help you there.