Engaged Learning Makes The Difference

At Lawrence, we are fully committed to Engaged Learning. Whether in a practice room in the conservatory or a chemistry class in Steitz Hall or a Freshman Studies discussion, you will learn by doing. By discussing. By participating. By engaging.

Engaged Learning isn’t limited to the occasional lab class. It is an integral part of every class taught at Lawrence. There is simply no room at Lawrence for people who expect to sit back and passively listen to a lecture.

You will learn from a faculty that is dedicated to teaching above all else. They, too, are fully engaged in your education. You will come to know them and you will leave Lawrence calling many of them friends…for the rest of your life.

But it doesn’t stop in the classroom. You will become fully immersed in the diverse community with which you’ll live. You will learn as much from your roommate, from attending a friend’s recital, from writing for the newspaper or from a weekend seminar at Björklunden as you will in the classroom. Lawrentians are involved.

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