Transfer Guide for UW Colleges

Courses from the UW Colleges will transfer to Lawrence as credit in various academic departments and will be automatically applied to general education requirements as appropriate.  To find out if a course will transfer, use the search table below (see HINT below for help).  Be sure to use the Key to Codes and Abbreviations for explanations of Lawrence subject and general education codes.

How much credit will I get?

You must earn credit with a grade of C- or better for the course to be awarded equivalent Lawrence units.  A regular course load at Lawrence is three courses in each of three 10-week terms (fall, winter, spring).  A standard course is 6 units, slightly more than a 3-semester-hour course, but we allow 3-semester-hour courses to fulfill 6-unit general education requirements.  See the current course catalog for more information about programs and requirements.



Contact Jennifer England, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at or 920-832-6840.


Key to Codes and Abbreviations (PDF)


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