A Global Perspective

With more than 13 percent of our students and a similar percentage of our faculty coming from more than 50 countries and nations outside the United States, Lawrence has one of the most internationally diverse college populations in the country. (All the more reason why we love having an airport only six miles from campus.)

A Unique Perspective: U.S. Citizens Abroad

If you are a U.S. citizen, yet have lived most — if not all — of your life overseas, we recognize that you have a unique perspective. Many Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are active in Lawrence International and other internationally focused student groups. They find themselves at home within the international student community, as well as the greater Lawrence community. While not required, TCKs are invited to attend International Orientation before the start of September classes.

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) supports all international students at Lawrence. The coordinator is available to assist with academic, personal or visa-related questions. ISS also manages the Friendship Family Program, which places interested students with local families to share cross-cultural experiences.

International House, where ISS is located, serves as a hub for student activity. In the afternoons and evenings, groups of students study in the large dining room, cook food from home in the kitchen and watch international television programs in the lounge. International House also has space available for Muslim prayer.

Learn more about ISS.

Our international students call the following places "home"

Australia  Bangladesh  Belgium  Bolivia Botswana  Brazil  Cameroon  Canada  Chile China  Colombia  Costa Rica  Cyprus Ethiopia  Finland  France  Germany  Ghana Greece  Haiti  Hong Kong  India  Iraq  Ireland Israel  Italy  Jamaica  Japan  Jordan Korea (ROK)  Liberia  Mexico  Myanmar  Nepal Nigeria  Pakistan  Palestine  Peru  Poland Russian  Federation  Somalia  Spain  Sri Lanka  Sweden  Switzerland  Taiwan Thailand  Turkey  United Kingdom  Vietnam

Lawrence International (LI)

International students and U.S. citizens from abroad are invited to join Lawrence International (LI) when they arrive. Founded in 1976, LI is a very active organization. For more than three decades, Cabaret (LI's largest program) has been one of the most anticipated events on the Lawrence calendar. Hosted every April, Cabaret is a celebration of life through music, song, dance, and (of course) cuisine from around the world. It is not to be missed!

Language Assistant Program

Native and native-like speakers of the six modern languages taught at Lawrence (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) are eligible to be selected as Language Assistants for the language department during their junior or senior years. Language Assistants are responsible for assisting the department in a variety of ways, including conducting conversational practice, tutoring, and cultural education. The individual departments make final selection of the assistants.

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