Cecile Despres-Berry

Director of English as a Second Language and the Waseda Program

Staff headshot.

I have been teaching at Lawrence since 2002.  As the director of English as a Second Language, I teach courses designed to help non-native speakers of English reach their language learning goals, including a support course for students in Freshman Studies.  I have also taught Freshman Studies and really enjoyed the experience.  My work also includes directing and teaching classes for the Waseda program, which brings one-year exchange students from Waseda University in Tokyo to Lawrence each fall.  I have also taught English as a foreign language in Japan. 

The first summer program for international freshmen started in 2012, and I have been very lucky to be a part of its initial creation and continued development.  In addition, I have really enjoyed watching each group of summer students flourish in their studies and engage in the Lawrence community.

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