Education: BA in psychology and secondary teaching certification, Beloit College

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio (yes, home of the Mud Hens!)

Favorite places: Wrigley Field and the shores of Lake Michigan

Favorite movies or TV shows: Modern Family & Scandal

Favorite food: Fresh fruit (which can be problematic when you live in the upper Midwest) and Greek yogurt

Hobbies: Watching college & high school sports (basketball & soccer), gardening, scrapbooking

Favorite “Lawrence Minute” video: Kaleidoscope Concert

When you visit Appleton, be sure to: Stroll the Ave. (College Ave.) – so many fabulous places to check out

When you visit Lawrence, check out: The river front (for quiet) and the Warch Center (for lots of activity)

Favorite Appleton restaurant: Fratellos

Best day at Lawrence is: Move-in Day, of course!

Three words to describe Lawrentians: Creative, brave, SMART

Advice to prospective Lawrentians' parents: As parents (and I am one – of 2 college students and a high schooler), we raise our children to leave and do great things, our job is to support them, love them and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Advice to prospective Lawrentians: Take advantage of every opportunity Lawrence can provide for you, from off-campus study, to individualized study, to swing dancing lessons, to football games at the Banta Bowl, to great concerts (even if you’re not a musician); the list goes on and on.

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