Learners. Leaders. Lawrentians.

Lawrentians defy definition. The diversity of experience, thought, place of origin, religious preference, race, interest and other individual characteristics that comprise our community makes such a definition impossible. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics that all Lawrentians share.

Foremost among these is intellectual curiosity. Lawrentians arrive hungry to learn. And, although they learn a great deal during their time at Lawrence – about themselves as well as a variety of subjects – they leave just as hungry to continue learning for the rest of their lives. It is a characteristic that contributes to their success adapting to a rapidly changing world.

Lawrentians are actively engaged in challenging and meaningful experiences with professors and with one another. Engaged Learning, the process of deep immersion that is used in every discipline by every faculty member, is not a passive experience. Rather, it demands active participation and collaboration with a community of professors and other students that builds on the groundwork of Freshman Studies, a requirement of all Lawrence students.

Lawrentians gain an increased understanding of the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty of ideas. They begin by learning to understand the ideas of others. As they develop, they become able to create their own ideas and to be guided by their own values and goals rather than the goals and ideas of others. The result is the ability to translate ideas into action.

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