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Does Lawrence require prescreening?

No, Lawrence does not require a prescreening.

Do I need to submit my application before registering for an audition?

Yes, prospective students must submit a common application to receive the audition registration link via email. If you have already submitted an application, you may register for an audition through the online application status page. Students are encouraged to apply and register earlier rather than later, especially if there are time restraints and/or special requests.

What can I expect during my audition?

Auditions are approximately 20 minutes in length. For on-campus auditions of piano, strings, and voice, several faculty members may be present.

Will my audition be recorded?

Regional auditions are videotaped for evaluation by faculty. On-campus auditions may also be recorded for further review by faculty.

Do I need to provide my own accompanist?

Not required for on campus or regional auditions. 

On Campus: Vocalists auditioning on campus will be provided an accompanist. No need to send music ahead of time. As you prepare your music for your accompanist - please read carefully this document put together by our vocal department Preparing Music for Your Accompanist

Regional: Vocalists must arrange for their own accompanists. 


Where can I warm up before my audition?

A room will be provided to you a few minutes prior to your regional or on-campus audition.

Are there required pieces I must prepare?

Yes – the full listing of required repertoire may be found under Audition Guidelines.

What should I wear?

Think something between khakis and formal wear. No need to sport a tuxedo, but maybe dress like you're off to perform at a concert.

Once I register for an audition, when will I be notified of my audition time?

We will send you an email (with your time) approximately 3-4 days before your intended audition date.  For on-campus auditions, all students must plan to arrive at the conservatory by 8:30 am for check-in.  For regional auditions, this email will also provide you with the location of the auditions in your city.

If I am auditioning on more than one instrument will I have enough time in between my auditions?

Yes. We will schedule your auditions so that you have plenty of warm-up time for both instruments (or voice part).

Do I go through the same process for a jazz audition?

The jazz audition is slightly different.  On-campus jazz auditions are heard in a group setting with Lawrence jazz students providing accompaniment. Regional jazz auditions are recorded separately for review by the jazz faculty and it is highly recommended that students bring and improvise to a pre-recorded accompaniment, such as the Aebersold Play-Along series.  The full jazz repertoire requirements may be found under Audition Guidelines.

Can I get feedback on my audition?

Lawrence University does not provide verbal or written critiques of audition performances.

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