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THE BRIDE (Spain, 2015)

THE CLAN (Argentina, 2015)

ALIAS MARIA (Colombia, 2015)       

THE COMPANION (Cuba, 2015)

BEFORE THE ROOSTER CROWS (Puerto Rico, 2016) and Q&A with Director Arí Maniel Cruz

DESIERTO (Mexico, 2016)

NERUDA (Chile, 2016)

JULIETA (Spain, 2016)



WILD TALES, Damián Szifron (Argentina 2014)

MAGICAL GIRL, Carlos Vermut (Spain, 2014)

600 MILES, Gabriel Ripstein (Mexico, 2015)

FROM AFAR, Lorenzo Vigas (Venezuela, 2015)

"Latin American Cinema and Globalization" Sophia McClennen (Penn State U) Steitz 102

THE CLUB, Pablo Larraín (Chile, 2015)  

THE EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, Ciro Guerra (Colombia 2015). Q&A with actor Brionne Davis

MARSHLAND, Alberto Rodríguez (Spain, 2014)



“Latin America and/in the Global World Order”, Walter Mignolo (Duke U)

BAD HAIR, Mariana Rondón (Venezuela 2013)

DUST ON THE TONGUE, Rubén Mendoza (Colombia 2014). Q&A with dir. Rubén Mendoza

TWO SHOTS FIRED, Martín Rejtman (Argentina 2014)

TO KILL A MAN, Alejandro Fernández (Chile 2014)

CANTINFLAS Sebastián del Amo (Mexico, 2014)

THE ILLITERATE, Moisés Sepúlveda (Chile 2013). Q&A with dir. Moisés Sepúlveda

 LIVING IS EASY WITH EYES CLOSED, David Trueba (Spain 2013)



AFTER LUCÍA*, Michel Franco (Mexico, 2012)

WAKOLDA (THE GERMAN DOCTOR), Lucía Puenzo (Argentina, 2013)

LA PLAYA DC, Juan Andrés Arango (Colombia, 2012). Q&A with director Juan Andrés Arango

SO MUCH WATER, Ana Guevara (Uruguay, 2013), Panel with filmmaker Catherine Tatge and film students

THE CLEANER, Adrián Saba (Peru, 2012). Q&A with director Adrián Saba

WHITE ELEPHANT, Pablo Trapero (Argentina, 2012)

GLORIA, Sebastián Lelio  (Chile, 2013)

CANNIBAL, Manuel Martín Cuenca  (Spain, 2013)



YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoBlancanieves, Pablo Berger (Spain, 2012)

Maroa, Solveig Hoogesteijn (Venezuela-Spain, 2006)

Special event with director Solveig Hoogesteijn and professor Javier Guerrero (Princeton U)

Dudamel: Let the Children Play, Alberto Arvelo (Venezuela-USA, 2010)

Dzi Croquettes, Raphael Alvarez and Tatiana Issa  (Brazil, 2009)

Special event with director Raphael Alvarez

The Violin, Francisco Vargas (Mexico, 2005)

Birds of Passage, Rachel Lears (USA-Uruguay, 2009)

Marimbas From Hell, Julio Hernández Cordón (Guatemala-France-Mexico, 2010)

The Wind Journeys, Ciro Guerra (Colombia, 2009)

Violeta Went to Heaven, Andrés Wood (Chile, 2011



YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

The Skin I Live In (Spain)

The Fish Child (Argentina)

Reverón (Venezuela)

Presentation by film critic and academic Paul Julian Smith

Leap Year (Mexico)

A Year Without Love (Argentina)

Undertow (Peru)

Love For Sale (Brazil)

Mosquita y Mari (USA)

Chico & Rita (Spain)

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