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Film Studies facilities and some equipment is available to all Lawrence students. Film Studies students are given priority and access to more equipment depending on the classes they have passed or are currently enrolled in.

Equipment loan periods are as follows:
For the Day: from 9am-4:50pm (Equipment Room operating hours).
Overnight: Checked out during our 2pm-5pm shift to be returned the next day during our 9am-12:30pm shift.
Weekend: Checked out Friday during our 2pm-5pm shift to be returned the following Monday during our 9am-12:30pm shift.
Extended: a period of time longer than over the weekend; must be pre-approved using a Special Request Form.

Return your equipment on time. If your items are more than 30 minutes late, you’ll be required to both return the equipment and submit an introspective essay before making another reservation. If a pattern of late returns develops, this will result in the student’s access to equipment being reviewed.

Once you sign out equipment, you are responsible for that equipment, and liable for all repair
and/or replacement cost if that equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen, so use good judgment.