Advising for the Ethnic Studies Minor

New at Lawrence in Ethnic Studies!
Jesus Gregorio Smith, tenure-track Professor in Ethnic Studies arriving September 1, 2017

Education: University of Texas at El Paso, B.A., M.A.; Texas A&M University, Ph.D.
Interests: Sociology of Black Americans, Sociology of Latinx, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality, LGBT Studies, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory, Mixed Methods, Health, Bodies, Men and Masculinities, Gender Studies, Computer and Information technologies

Bio: Jesus Gregorio Smith is completing his PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University where he currently serves as a Diversity Fellow. His expertise centers on the intersections of race, gender and sexuality and how they impact condom use and sexual risk activity. Professor Smith has published book chapters, encyclopedia entries and journal articles on topics ranging from gender representation online, to Latino LGBT issues and racism in the gay community.

Students should consider three courses that Professor Smith will offer next 2017-18 academic year:

  • ETST 200: Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.  MWF 9:50- 11:00  (Fall 2017)
  • ETST 370: US/Mexican Border Sociology TR 2:30-4:20 (Winter 2018)
  • ETST 265: Black and Latin@ Sociology MWR 1:50-3:00 (Spring 2018)                                                                          

For a complete listing of 2017-18 classes in Ethnic Studies go to:

Advising for the Ethnic Studies Minor

A minor in Ethnic Studies prepares students for a demographic future of the United States and a future world that will be increasingly diverse in all categories of social difference.  

  • Citizens of nations and citizens of the world will have to negotiate multi-ethnic relationships in their own personal lives, communities, workplace settings and in government.
  • Diversity training requirements and multicultural guidelines in service sector, corporate and educational fields give preference to post-graduate students and employees who have a background in Ethnic Studies.
  • An interdisciplinary enterprise, Ethnic Studies demonstrates how faculty and students from multiple disciplinary perspectives come together to examine topics, issues or problems related to ethnicity and race, thereby cultivating a respect across academic divisions as well as across categories of social difference.

Students who would like to minor in Ethnic Studies should take one of two core courses that introduce students to theory, concepts and approaches from the sciences and social science (ETST 200: Race and Ethnicity in the United States) and the arts and humanities (ETST 210: Expressions of Ethnicity). The minor also requires four additional courses, at least one from each of two categories— domestic and global—as explained in the minor requirements. The Ethnic Studies minor uniquely requires a Senior Experience for which students may select from five options as listed in the minor requirements.

Students who would like to major in Ethnic Studies should propose a student-designed major that expands upon the minor with additional courses and a Senior Experiences.

For more information, contact the program chair: Carla N. Daughtry, Associate Professor of Anthropology.

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