Elementary Education at Lawrence

Beginning Fall Term, 2016-17, Lawrence’s Teacher Education Program will offer a new certification opportunity for students interested in becoming elementary school teachers (Early Childhood through Middle Childhood).  Open to all majors, college or conservatory, this program will be a post-baccalaureate or 5th year apprenticeship in an Appleton public school, during which students will learn to teach by working alongside a master veteran teacher. This option is available for non-Lawrence graduates however certain fees may differ and additional courses may be required.

We invite students to explore this exciting opportunity to influence our community by working with local children and master educators.

Why would a liberal arts student become an elementary teacher?

Elementary teachers provide the foundation for children to become life-long, connected learners in a democratic society.

Your study of the liberal arts provides you with the groundwork to develop the knowledge and skills of teaching as well as the ability to make connections from this knowledge to the intricate and challenging art that is elementary teaching.

Elementary teaching is a dynamic and challenging field of study and work with an increasing demand for qualified participants – especially those who have majored in one of the liberal arts or sciences.  If you would like to make a difference in the lives of children, contribute to the development of a more just and equitable society, and do work after Lawrence that is meaningful and personally fulfilling, elementary teaching may be your calling.

Why an apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, either post-baclaurate or 5th year, you will spend an entire academic year in an Appleton Area School District classroom co-teaching alongside a mentor teacher. Non-Lawrence students must take the apprenticeship as a post-baclaurate.

Embedded within the local community and school district you will be deeply engaged in understanding the development of the young child and the function of an elementary school within a community.  You will acquire the pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective teacher. You will be prepared to teach children with varying capacities and needs, who come from diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

As an apprentice, you will design curriculum strategies and syllabi, plan lessons, evaluate, assess and teach. In addition you will engage with and learn from other teachers, instructional aides, education support staff, education specialists, and education administrators at the school site.

During the apprenticeship experience you will have the opportunity to take seminars, workshops, and methods courses throughout the year.  Many of these will be conducted in the elementary school and taught by master teachers; others will be taught on the Lawrence campus by Lawrence education professors.

Tuition (for the apprenticeship only)

All requirements for degree and major are subject to the traditional tuition requirements at Lawrence University. Tuition for the apprenticeship year, however, will be approximately $4,000, either post-baclaurate or as a 5th year option for Lawrence University students. This program fee structure is made possible through a generous gift from the Mielke Family Foundation.

Interested? Questions?

If you would like to discuss elementary teaching or find out more about LU’s elementary teacher certification program, contact:

Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd
Assistant Professor, Elementary Education
Briggs 124, 832-6676, burdicks@lawrence.edu

Professor Stewart Purkey
Director of Teacher Education at Lawrence University

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