To nominate a teacher, complete the form below. Your nomination will be considered only if you are a graduating senior who attended high school in Wisconsin and only if you can attend the awards luncheon at the President's House on Sunday, May 6, at 11:30 a.m.

In your nomination, please explain why this Wisconsin secondary school teacher deserves to win the Lawrence Award for Outstanding Teaching in Wisconsin. Since we expect all nominees to be good teachers, it is important that you provide clear examples that illustrate your candidate's excellence.

Your nominee will be considered by the awards committee on the basis of the responses you provide, so please be thoughtful and candid. You are welcome to prepare your responses separately and then cut and paste them into this form. If your nominee is selected as a finalist, the committee may contact you for further information.

Note: All fields are required.

Teacher Information
Student Information
Candidate Introduction

Please introduce the candidate. You may wish to describe the candidate, the candidate's role in the school and community, and your own involvement with the candidate that qualifies you to make this nomination.

Teaching Excellence

Please describe the candidate’s excellence in teaching. You may wish to comment on the candidate's ability to communicate effectively, to generate excitement about the subject, to motivate students to work toward excellence, and to demonstrate concern for students in and out of the classroom.

Personal Impact

Please discuss the candidate’s impact on you personally. In what way did the candidate make a difference in your life and development as a future Lawrence student?

Please read your responses carefully before pressing the Submit button below. Once you submit this form, you cannot make changes.

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