The Academic Program

The CS-L program at Lawrence is dedicated to helping students improve both their English proficiency and their understanding of contemporary global issues. Students may choose courses in a variety of disciplines that deal with the issues that affect all of us in the global community: anthropology, gender studies, education, ethnic studies, environmental public policy, and international studies. CS-L students will meet and interact with Lawrence students who also have special interests in these areas. In the Fall Term, CS-L students begin their exploration of global studies with the course, International Perspectives on American Culture, which is also attended by regular Lawrence students.



Program of Study (2016 - 2017)

Fall Term

  • ESL - English in the American University
  • ESL - Experiential Language Learning
  • Freshman Studies - CS-L section
  • Introduction to American Society I (meets once per week)

Winter Term

  • Core course in global studies, such as:
    • Introduction to Gender Studies
    • Introduction to Film Studies
    • International to Environmental Policy
    • Comparative Politics
    • Traditional East Asian Civilization
  • ESL - Advanced Communicative English
  • Elective Course in thematic area
  • Introduction to American Society II (meets once every two weeks)

Spring Term

  • Optional ESL Course - Speaking and Listening
  • Two to three elective courses in thematic area
  • Introduction to American Society III (meets once every two weeks)

Academic Schedule

  • Arrival: Friday, September 2
  • Orientation & Fall Term: September 3 - November 22
  • Winter Break: November 23 - January 2
  • Winter Term: January 3 - March 15
  • Spring Break: March 16 - 26
  • Spring Term: March 27 - June 7

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