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"Lawrence helped me a lot in terms of business, communication with foreigners, and job hunting. I work at an investment bank in Japan. Sometimes, I have to read English articles to analyze global financial markets. Thanks to Lawrence, I don’t hesitate to read such complicated articles."

"I graduated from university last March and have been a businessman at chemical company since last April. Through studying abroad, I can think about things from a variety of angles and accept diversity better than before. More importantly, my days at Lawrence gave me confidence. There were many chances to try new things and I  believe in myself more than before. I still keep in touch with friendship family and some friends. My relationship with them is priceless!!"

"Lawrence life feels like it was just yesterday. It was a great time in my life, and I learned so many things. Especially the improvement of English skills has helped me. For working, insurance policy for trade is always written in English, so I usually have to read and write English sentences, but it doesn't bother me because I studied English at Lawrence. I also met people from lots of countries at Lawrence and encountered a variety of new values.Thanks to that, now I can accept all kinds of values and build a good relationship with many people."